The Top 100 Most Wanted Comics List! (70-61)

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Now, this is the Fourth Part (of Ten) of the Top 100 Most Wanted Comic Books by collectors of all ages and from all eras. I could have easily filled the Top 100 with Golden Age and/or Silver Age books, but where would the fun be in that? So if you’re new to the hobby, a veteran like me, or an old timer who remembers the Superman radio show, I hope there’s a few comics on here that would make your list.

So like the list, hate it… print it out and use it as a dart board, but just remember, these are my choices. If you feel your list would be better, go for it. Write a list. I’d love to read it. And chances are, I’ll like it, cause I like reading about comics… as I hope you do too.

So with all that said, here’s the next 10 (Numbers 70 to 61.) ENJOY!

70 – Iron Man #55 (February, 1973) Marvel Comics

Iron Man 55.png

The first appearance of both Thanos and Drax the Destroyer is one of the most collectable Marvel issues of the Bronze age. Before the Marvel Cinemaverse, this issue could be had at an affordable price, but after Thanos was introduced on the big screen and Drax appeared in that super popular Guardians of the Galaxy that I keep hearing about, this book shot up to around the 1,500 dollar mark. Damn! I remember that I once had a NM/VF copy, but I traded it… for Stephan Platt’s run on Moon Knight. That is my second biggest comic book regret… next to my Darkseid regret. Damn! Can a comic nerd catch a break?!


69 – Detective Comics #33 (November, 1939) DC Comics

DC 33

This is the big one! This is Batman’s origin complete with the first appearances and quick death of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Bruce’s parents! Now I know a lot of collectors, myself included could never afford this book, but if a low grade copy ever crossed your path, forget your rent and BUY THAT BOOK!


68 – Fantastic Four #4 (May, 1962) Marvel Comics

FF 4.jpg

The Silver Age return is of Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner is a big one. It helped bridge the gap between Marvel and Timely comics and reintroduced Namor to a new generation. Also, I’m not one to nit pick and compare generations, but If Namor kidnapped Sue Storm now and called it an act of love, wouldn’t he be classified as a sex offender and receive the Red Dot of Death above his house? Just saying. “The Coming of the Sub-Mariner.” Is that title a naughty double entendre?

67 – Cerebus #1 (December, 1977) Aardvark-Vanaheim


One of the longest running independent comics of all time is Cerebus, created by Canadian cartoonist Dave Sim, which ran from December 1977 until March 2004. A very popular title, which included such crazy characters as Wolver-roach and Lord Julius, it also attracted the worst type of people — counterfeiters! There’s a counterfeit copy of the book going around that has tricked many, many collectors… and yes, even me. Beware!

66 – Archie Comics #1 (Winter 1942) MLJ Comics


The first issue of the longest running title of MLJ Comics, Archie Comics #1 is a must have for many collectors. Back in his heyday, America’s favorite son, Archie Andrews was as popular as Superman, Batman, and Captain Marvel and was a must read for many teenagers of the day. Even now, Archie has a following, which has led to a TV Show on the CW and a whole new generation of fans.


65 – Amazing Spider-Man #50 (July, 1967) Marvel Comics

ASM 50.jpg

One of the greatest Spidey stories ever told is also the first appearance of the Kingpin, one of the greatest Marvel villains ever. If you don’t know the tale, Spidey gives up when he feels being a hero in a city that hates him isn’t worth it and crime rises. What happens next is Marvel storytelling at its best.

asm 50a.jpg

64 – Batman #121 (February, 1959) DC Comics


Two things you should know about this book. 1) it’s very, very hard to find a high grade copy of this book and 2), this is the first appearance of Mister Zero, who would eventually be known as Mister Freeze, one of Batman’s most deadliest foes! Also, looking at this book, how in the hell did producers feel that Arnold Schwarzenegger was the right choice for Freeze in that God awful Batman mess? Ugh!


63 – Action Comics #242 (July, 1958) DC Comics

Action 242

Cheesy cover, but Amazing KEY Issue! This book holds the very first appearance of Braniac, a top three nemesis for Superman. Now I’m not sure how old you are, but growing up, I preferred the Super Friends version of Braniac. Now that was a menacing villain!


62 – Detective Comics #66 (August, 1942)


Here he is, folks! Two-Face! This guy is yet another reason why Batman’s Rogue Gallery is a top 3 gallery (With Spidey’s and the Flash.) Now so many of us would love to own a copy, but this baby is gonna cost you some change. A 9.0 copy sold for around 10,000 dollars back in 2011 and to my knowledge, an 8.0 sold for 12,000 in 2016! Damn!

61 – Strange Tales #110 (July, 1963) Marvel Comics

ST 110

Oh what a Strange trip this has been. This issue proudly boasts the first appearance of Doctor Strange. Set to be a major player in the Avengers: Infinity War, be ready for this book to sky rocket to the upper echelons of the Silver Age price plateau. Also, I’m pretty sure he shows up in Thor: Ragnorak as well.

So stay tuned for six more parts of my Top 100 list which include tons of Golden and silver age books! And as always, I hope you love comics as much as WE DO!



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