Top 10 Hottest Comics of 2017 so far….

Welcome to the TOP 10 HOTTEST BOOKS of 2017 so far!

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Now this list is for the top 10 HOTTEST BOOKS for the first half of 2017! Your opinion may differ, but remember… in the end it’s just an opinion so there’s no need to be dicks about anything. Hear me, Rommel?

So are you nerds ready!?!?


10 – Venom #150 (The Dell’Otto Variant)


This variant cover had everyone scrambling to grab a copy. And then the news of the Venom movie came out and everything Venom just exploded! And despite that crusty fanboy out there who didn’t buy this book so in their mind, it’s not HOT, too bad, cause the data says otherwise. Blah! Venom is HOT again!

Besides, isn’t this just a beautiful cover? I think so. So cry, Nerds, cry!

But seriously though. The Venom movie is going to come out, most likely it’s going to suck ass, and everyone is going to hate everything Venom. So just enjoy it now before Sony screws up our favorite symbiote for everyone then blames it on the Director.

9 – Wonder Woman #1

Someone is going to bitch about not only this pick, but the slot I’ve given it. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

But let’s face the facts. Wonder Woman is super hot right now, with her movie being the best DC movie since the Dark Knight, and her being in the upcoming Justice League movie. Diana Prince is DC at the moment and this book right here is the most affordable WW Key that fans are shelling out money for.

Here’s to you, Wonder Woman!

8 – Flash #21


During the first half of 2017, the Batman/Flash four issue x-over, “The Button” ruled the world. We know the deal now with the Reverse-Flash heralding the coming of the Watchmen’s Dr. Manhattan and Batman finding the Comedian’s button. So exciting, right? Exactly. And that’s why DC Comics leaped over Marvel Comics as far as the new issues were concerned. Cause DC Comics gives a shit.

Plus, we can at least breathe a sigh of relief that Barry Allen didn’t fuck up the timeline again. Or did he? Yeah. He did.

7 – Redneck #1

Raise your hand if you haven’t heard of this book! Cause honestly, for the first half of 2017, this may have been Images hottest book (More on that later.) Now is it just me or can Image turn out a hit book about anything? Vampires running a BBQ joint? Really? Damn, that Image group can turn any idea into gold.

Dear Image. I have an idea about Vegan Werewolves living a peaceful life as Data Entry workers. Give me a call!

6 – X-Men: Gold #1


Before we get started on this, I’m well aware of the controversy surrounding this book. I won’t discuss them here, cause I’m all about the enjoyment of everything comics and I’ll leave the horrible real world stuff to others, like this site here.

Now aside from the controversy, this book has been a book on people’s list all year, cause guess what…. it’s actually pretty good. X-Men Gold is actually one of the best X-Men titles in more than a decade and fans, they’re responding with their wallets.

So pick up this title as well as X-Men: Blue and watch as your bad opinion about the current state of X-Men books slowly fades away.

5 – God Country #1


Another Image Comic Book and another HIT! This time Image took a tale about an old man, a powerful Sword, and a tornado full of Demons and gave us their best title of 2017, GOD COUNTRY!

So this is for all you people still living in Tornado Alley! DON’T MOVE AWAY! If you do, you may miss out on a perfect opportunity to get a big sword and fight tornado demons. Trust me. These things do happen.


4 – Captain America #1

Speaking about bitching about a pick, I can already hear the crying as I type this. (Damn, I sound as bitter as an ex-girlfriend of a high school quarterback who was dumped right before he was drafted.)

But this book, basically the intro to the entire Secret Empire run is an instant classic. Steve Rogers, agent of Hydra. Man, it’s a great story line.

But seriously, do me a favor and give this story line a chance. Stop reading the messageboards and comment sections where the angry trolls dwell and check this out to make up your own opinion. This is the best Marvel storyline in years.

3 – Amazing Spider-Man #361


This wasn’t a book that was HOT all year, but over the last week and a half, this book got so HOT that even the Human Torch got a sunburn. But seriously, when Sony announced that Carnage would be in the new Venom movie, no one saw the affect the announcement would have on this book. In fact, on the first day alone, more than a hundred copies changed hands on EBAY with many of them going for more than a hundred bucks.



Also, if you can’t get your hands on this book, try Amazing Spider-Man #344 (1st Cletus Cassidy), Amazing Spider-Man #360 (The cameo of Carnage), and issue #362 (the first time Venom and Carnage meet.)

2 – Secret Empire #0


Hey, there goes that Captain Hydra again!

I cannot stress how good of a story line that Nick Spencer created. He took Marvel’s greatest hero, who the entire world took for granted, and made him relevant again. Whether you loved the twist or hated it, people were once again talking about Captain America. And talking about Captain America is a good thing.

Plus, we just may find out what that vision from Civil War II was all about.

And before we get to the number one book of the first half of 2017, let’s take a look at some honorable mentions.


1 – Batman #21

What else did you expect. The BUTTON story line is/was hot and this issue here kicked it all off. So if you don’t have this book, pick it up quick before it goes up in price like a regular combo at Jack In The Box or an Uber surge charge. Man, I fucken hate those surcharges!

So what do you guys think about the list?

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