Superman V. X-Men: Who Wins?


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Imagine if the X-Men took on Superman in a battle to end all battle. Who wins?

Now remember. This is just a conversation starter. Not an end all debate type of article. So with that said, enjoy.


First appearing in Action Comics # 1, way, way back in 1938, Superman is to many, not only the most powerful hero in the DC Universe, but in all comic book universes. From his Super Strength to his Super speed to his powerful eye beams, Superman is a God among comic book creations.

But is he as powerful as some people remember him? Pre-Crisis Superman could wipe away a solar system with one sneeze. Today’s Superman? Not so much.


But let’s not kid ourselves. Superman is still strong. Fucken crazy strong! He has ripped Doomsday apart, kept a black hole from expanding by holding it in the palms of his hands, and he even bench pressed the equivalent of Earth’s weight on a machine for 5 days straight, without stopping. And he only dropped ONE drop of sweat for it. (Thanks:

Bottom line, Superman is super freakin’ tough.

The Uncanny X-Men

Now before we get started, let’s pick the 7 member X-Men team. This team is not a team of mutants, but a team of mutants from the Uncanny X-Men…. the original series run.


First appearing in Avengers Annual #10 back in 1981, Rogue has become an X-Men Icon. Able to absorb the memories, physical strength, and superpowers of anyone she touches, Rogue is a very powerful mutant.

Rogue once possessed the superhuman powers and the psyche of Carol Danvers, the original Ms. Marvel and now controls Wonder Man’s powers.


Debuting in the Incredible Hulk #181 in November of 1974, Wolverine has evolved into the most popular mutant and X-Man of all time. He’s a take no shit type of mutant who has adamantium claws and skeleton, can heal from almost anything, and has a berserker rage second to none.

Despite his small size, Wolverine has gone toe to toe with many opponents that are on Superman’s level including the Incredible Hulk and the Juggernaut.


One of the New X-Men that debuted in the classic Giant Sized X-Men #1 back in 1975, Russian mutant Colossus is known as one of the strongest mutants in the Marvel comics universe.

Able to transform himself into metallic form, making him physically strong, Colossus is believe to be able to lift 100 plus tons. In fact, he’s strong enough to have knocked the Juggernaut off his feet.


A mutant by birth, a God by reputation, Storm debuted alongside Colossus back in 1975 as part of the New X-Men. She’s a natural born leader who posses the Uncanny ability to control the weather.

And in case you think she’s not as powerful as some say, Storm was created lightening in space in order to blast the Silver Surfer. Damn!

Jean Grey (Phoenix Version)

An Omega mutant and the most powerful of the Group, Jean Grey is an original member of the X-Men. Originally born a mutant with telepathic and telekinetic powers, Jean gained the powers of the Phoenix Force back in Uncanny X-Men #101.


Another original X-Men member as well as an Omega level mutant, Bobby Drake has the power to not only turn his body into ice as well as create Ice, but if he chose to, can turn the Earth into an other ice age planet.

Emma Frost

Speaking of Omega Level Mutants, Emma Frost, who made her debut in Uncanny X-Men issue 129, is one of the most powerful mutants to ever where the “X” symbol. Emma possesses telepathic ability and is also capable of transforming into an organic diamond state with enhanced strength and durability which suppresses her telepathy.


So now with the battle participants set, I ask you… “Who would win in battle? Superman or the X-Men?”

On one hand, the X-Men have the numbers on their side and on the other, Superman is well…. arguably the most powerful comic book character of all time.

I can see Rogue and Colossus double teaming Supes and giving him trouble. Not sure what Wolverine could do or even Storm. Iceman could slow him down as could Emma, but could they stop the Man of Steel?

But Jean Grey in her Phoenix form could quite possibly stop Supes. What do you think?

Bottom line, I’ll leave it up to you guys. Who do you think will win, cause honestly, I’m being a little bitch right now who can’t make a decision.

So leave comments and troll each other till the cows come home, cause I’m out this biatch! Lates!











6 thoughts on “Superman V. X-Men: Who Wins?

  1. Superman will be a tough one to be moved with Phoenix force.. So, i’m guessing superman will take this one due to his wide range of powers.. Considering super speed and invulnerability.. So could easily kill jean.. So.. I think it’s going to be superman..
    That guy is literally the most powerful superhero in comics..


  2. Superman can easily destroy the whole planten by sneezing killing all creation could they survive in outer space? Xmen aint got shit on supes..he can eye beam the planet from the moon and its all over folks why would u even compare mutans to a alíen born of a super advance competition..

    Liked by 1 person

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