Cosplay Superstars: BelleChere


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From New Hampshire, BelleChere is a costume artist who’s been on the Cosplay scene since 2005. She’s a theatrical seamstress who makes all of her own costumes. She’s also represented both Brian Pulido and Warren Ellis at Cons and just loves the atmosphere of Comic Cons.

She embraces her geeky/nerdy side and does not apologize for loving what she does, but does say that she would never recommend anyone trying to cosplay as a profession, but instead enjoy it for what it is — a hobby.

And I her opinion, Dragoncon is the best con around. She calls it the Mardi Gras for geeks.

Oh. And the answer to the question on everyone’s mind is… Yes! They’re real and they’re spectacular! No. Wait. Not the question. The other one. And that answer is… she’s a Marvel fan!

If you want to follow BelleChere then you can do so on Twitter here.


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