The Top 25 Greatest Amazing Spider-Man covers of all time

(Edit: I was originally going to do 30, but someone convinced me that 30 was too much.)

These are my picks for the top 25 Greatest Amazing Spider-Man covers of all time. As always, you’re free to disagree, but just be cool about it. We’re all nerds here.

(ALSO, Amazing Fantasy #15 and the Annuals are not being considered as is Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2)

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25 – Amazing Spider-Man #190


I love this cover. There’s something about Man-Wolf that I find so majestic. He’s seriously so underrated. And this cover, with Man-Wolf grabbing Spidey by the throat as they both fall of the bridge is just as underrated.

24 – Amazing Spider-Man #313


What is it about Todd McFarlane in which whatever character he draws is usually the best version of that character ever drawn? Man, his version of the Lizard is simply horrifying in the very best way.

23 – Amazing Spider-Man #229


The sight of Spidey cradling a dead Madame Web as the silhouette of the unstoppable Juggernaut looms behind him reminds me of what an Amazing Spider-man cover should look like. Oddly, this cover also reminds me of County Jail for some reason.

22 – Amazing Spider-Man #50


This is a classic John Romita cover that even the most casual of fans know. “Spider-Man no more.” The cover to the Kingpin’s first appearance is one of my favorites. I used to have this book then one day, my cat peed on a box of my books and sadly, this was the first book of the row. So then I had a choice. Take my savings and buy another issue or go and buy a big dog that eats small cats. I went with the dog.

21 – Amazing Spider-Man #332


To me, Erik Larsen was the John Romita to Todd McFarlane’s Steve Ditko. He stepped in when McFarlane left the title to create his own Spider-Man book and the art, it didn’t lose a thing. For me, his version of Venom is one of the best ever, despite what the angry Fanboys have to say.

20 – Amazing Spider-Man #607

ASM 607

J. Scott Campbell knows how to draw. And women seem to be his specialty. I mean it. This cover is arguably the best rendition of the Black Cat to ever grace the cover of any magazine or comic book.

Well at least second to this cover.

19 – Amazing Spider-Man #306


One of the greatest covers of all time is Action Comics #1 and Todd McFarlane’s homage to that cover is just as good.

Also, is that Clark Kent there in the background?

18 – Amazing Spider-Man #20


The Spider versus the Scorpion. Such a simple, but powerful pose. Reminds me of that ancient Chinese proverb.

A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream and the scorpion asks the frog to carry him across on its back.  The frog asks, “How do I know you won’t sting me?”  The scorpion says, “Because if I do, I will die too.”

The frog is satisfied, and they set out.  But in midstream, the scorpion stings the frog.  The frog feels the onset of paralysis and starts to sink, knowing they both will drown, but has just enough time to gasp “Why?”

Replies the scorpion: “It’s my nature…”

17 – Amazing Spider-Man #312


Man, who is this Todd McFarlane guy, cause his version of Spidey, the Green Goblin, and the Hobgoblin is freaking bananas! Part of the Inferno x-over, this book was on fire when it came out. I remember going to my LCS when I was younger to grab this copy and some fat dude grabbed the last copy before I did. Needless to say, I followed him home. And now my blood stained copy is my reminder of how much I love Todd McFarlane’s art.

16 – Amazing Spider-Man #678

ASM 678

Spidey purist will probably hate this pick and the slot I gave it, but truth be told, this variant cover is so popular, a graded 9.4 copy could run you about two thousand bucks.

Heck, even the Mexican version brings in a hundred. Damn!

15 – Amazing Spider-Man #24


“SPIDEY GOES MAD!” Need proof that comic book artists are more than just, “Comic book artists?” Just look at this cover. “Nuff said.

14 – Amazing Spider-Man #316


Venom’s first cover. To all of us, it’s a Todd McFarlane masterpiece. Venom versus Spider-Man. Like it should be. Without Spidey, there’s no Venom. You hear that, Sony?! Without Spidey, there is NO VENOM!!!!!!!

13 – Amazing Spider-Man #601


Very little Spidey and a whole lot of Mary Jane, but it works. This J. Scott Campbell has inspired a lot of Cosplayers as well as fanboys who now believe that getting superpowers from a spider bite will lead to a hot chick like MJ calling you “Tiger” every night.

In other news, death by Spider bite has risen across the country.

12 – Amazing Spider-Man #28


Who came up with the idea for this cover, cause seriously, it’s genius. The way the blackness of the cover highlighted the Molten Man’s menacing appearance was a huge reason why comic book art should be considered…. just art. It’s beautiful.

11 – Amazing Spider-Man #19


Was it just me or did Spidey look like he was swinging right off the cover and straight into our world. Amazing. Plus, the web background, the featured guest stars… this was a very enticing cover. Five stars.

10 – Amazing Spider-Man #293


Part FIVE of Kraven’s Last Hunt was possibly the best part of this incredibly amazing storyline. And this cover. The sight of Spidey, right behind Kraven, who’s supposed to be hunting Peter is truly brilliant.

Mike Zeck, you are truly an underrated artist.

9 – Amazing Spider-Man #18


There’s something about this cover, the fear that Spidey portrays as he hides from a rampaging Sandman that just always caught my eye. Reminds me of me when I used to hide from my Mom after I did something bad. There was her, rampaging through the house with her chankla and there was I, hiding in fear.

And you kids these days think you have it rough, cause your parents give you a time out. Lol!

8 – Amazing Spider-Man #122


The issue after the classic Gwen Stacy death was anything, but a let down. And this cover was part of the reason why. An angry Spider-Man clutching a fallen Gwen Stacy in his hands as he curses the hovering Green Goblin is so profound that to this day, I still have my old poster of this cover on my wall.

(FYI, I’d take down my chonies in the middle of a police station before I take that poster off my wall.)

7 – Amazing Spider-Man #252


A cover swipe of Amazing Fantasy #15, this cover is as amazing as that cover was way back when. The sight of Spidey in his black suit was simply amazing. For years, Spidey sported the classic red and blue suit, but then Marvel surprised us with the black suit out of nowhere and and BAM! Nerds orgasms everywhere (Some for the first and only time as well!)

6 – Amazing Spider-Man #361


I have a feeling that this may be a controversial pick, but I just don’t care. Mark Bagley’s depiction of Carnage handling Spider-man on the cover is simply breathtaking. No wonder fanboys are shelling over a hundred bucks a pop to own this baby. It’s an iconic cover no matter what the bitter old biddies have to say.

5 – Amazing Spider-Man#39


One of the most famous covers ever was done by John Romita Jr, who with this issue, was replacing the legendary Steve Ditko. John had some big shoes to fill and he did so with ease. Look at the cover. The Green Goblin on his glider, dragging a helpless and unmasked Peter Parker through the skies for all to see. Beautiful.

4 – Amazing Spider-Man #129


This cover was basically a controversial cover back in the day. Some dude with a gun hunting Spidey? That was almost unheard of. But that dude turned out to be the Punisher and that cover is now considered one of the most iconic covers in comic book lore. Disagree? Well tell that to my Tommy Gun, you filthy little animal!

3 – Amazing Spider-Man #33


One of my favorite covers ever, I was first introduced to this cover, not through this issue, but the reprint in Marvel Tales #172. Before then, I always had a flirtation with comics, but after my eyes met this cover, I was hooked. Hey, better comics than crack. Am I right?


2 – Amazing Spider-Man #1


They say your first is always your best and issue number ONE has come very, very close to being the best. The Fantastic Four meets Spidey? A must have. And all it will cost you is a measly 120,000 dollars. Don’t have the money? Try Uber. I heard you can make money fast with them.

1 – Amazing Spider-Man #300


What else would you choose? This is the book that everyone loves to swipe for their cover in a homage. The picture perfect Todd McFarlane, Spidey in a black suit, classic pose cover. Hands down, the best Spidey has ever been drawn. The all time classic!


3 thoughts on “The Top 25 Greatest Amazing Spider-Man covers of all time

  1. Hi John, great selection. I think it is hard for fans to analyse the art of the covers without considering the issue as a whole. However, I think you have done quite a decent selection.

    Venom and Carnage are very nice characters from an artistic perspective, I love how they looked on every cover.

    As Aaron said before, thanks for the memories.


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