Cosplay Superstar: Meg Turney

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Meg Turney is a Texas model, cosplayer, and gamer who got her start around 2012 on CraveOnline‘s TechKnow show. Then in 2014, Meg left to host Rooster Teeth’s News Channel, the KNOW. That relationship, a good one, lasted until 2016.

Cosplaying since 2002, Turney has been remembered for her portrayals as Princess Leia, Harley Quinn, Black Widow, and Faye Valentine. Her modest fame allowed her to appear on SYFY’s series, Heroes of Cosplay as well as being ranked among the HOTTEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD in FHM.

Wow, Meg. Wow!

You can also watch an awesome Cosplay Video of Meg below.


And for your viewing pleasure, some photos of Meg.

19424103_1098728796894556_316635040120546841_n19225119_1090232384410864_5809097031076800508_n4df72b2482c40c8f2187449559ab3e4d--black-widow-avengers-sexy-supergirl 18119496_1046345895466180_4660755272675179832_n 8ADB058968full-meg-turney1118full-meg-turneymegturneychive-1017795676_1025189810915122_882048520603379593_n18619996_1071321232968646_1737915877018378477_n18670740_1069121859855250_2892093206726730784_na6M2enL_700btumblr_o6zojssJ7J1vqawjxo1_500b288bd49c68460ba25fdeb17529b10efcc13a743543bdbb57a5e2b32f8b29b16cdb91158931a16fcd2f742a5675d87e8meg_turney_psycho_04meg-turneyMeg-Turney-Photoshoot-for-theCHIVE-November-2016tumblr_n3uozvxNcr1rat60qo1_1280tumblr_no9zqfULYb1qbmigqo3_1280




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