Cosplay Superstars: Kay Bear

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Quite arguably the greatest Black Female Cosplayer today and one of the best Cosplayers period is Kay Thomas, aka Kay Bear.

From Atlanta, Georgia, by way of Trinidad, Kay Bear has been cosplaying since 2015 when she first attended Momocon thanks to her little brother. Scared at first, she was caught surprise by how fun conventions were and she was immediately hooked.

Now Kay makes her own costumes and puts a lot of time and effort into it. Some of her more notable ones are Kitty Cat Katarina, Demon Hunter, Mad Moxxi from Borderlands, and her own unique interpretation of Harley Quinn.

And my son Angel may be happy to hear that Kay is also an avid League of Legends player just like him. Go, Kay!

If you want to learn more about Kay Bear or just peep her photos or follow her own social media then I’ve got good news for you… I’ve good some links.

Kay Thomas Q&A with Robin Ek. This helped me out a lot: HERE

Follow her on Twitter HERE

And like her on Facebook HERE

Plus, visit her Website HERE




2 thoughts on “Cosplay Superstars: Kay Bear

  1. She posts nudes and charges people for them. That’s not a cosplayer, that’s a cam girl. She’s simply using cosplay as a way to leverage people to buy her nudes.


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