Carnage: Leaving the Comic Book Market in a Bloody Mess!


Today it was revealed that Carnage would be part of Sony’s Venom movie (Via The Hollywood Reporter.) Unsure if Tom Holland’s Spider-Man would be a part of the movie, Sony figured Venom would need an antagonist and Cletus Cassidy’s Carnage seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Now whether the Venom movie is a good or bad decision for Sony, that remains to be seen, but for the moment, the Carnage news has shook the Comic Book industry like a 6.9 quake rocking the 89 World Series.

Case in point, the Speculating Vultures have reared their ugly heads.


Tons of Amazing Spider-Man #361s, the first Carnage appearance are popping up as well as Amazing Spider-Man #360 (Cameo) and #344 (First Cletus Cassidy.) And all are being raised in price, regardless of the grade. SMH. I hate them I hate them, I hate them!

Or do I?

Honestly, I can’t blame them. So many lemmings with so many dollars in hand that to be honest, how can you blame the sellers for this? It’s like selling magic beans to an industry full of Jacks looking for that magic beanstalk to save their nerdy lives.It’s so easy.

Take today for instance (06/21/17.) The day of the Carnage in the Venom movie announcement. Over 100 copies of Amazing Spider-Man #361 were sold on Ebay alone. And the lemmings…? They gladly handed over their dollars while thinking to themselves, “I just made the greatest deal of my life!”


Okay. Maybe not that bad, but still. What changed from last week to this week that made these buyers go all bat shit crazy and pay far more today than they would have had last week? Why today? Cause the news came out about Carnage? And? Don’t they know that they could’ve just held off untill a week after the movie is released, which we all know will be bad, and just buy it on the cheap once the hype is dead?

Did they not learn anything from the X-Men: Age of Apocalypse movie debacle?


No. Not the Rose McGowen, “Apocalypse can take over the world as long as he respects women while doing it” debacle.

I meant the whole, paying one hundred and twenty dollars for X-Factor #6, cause you heard the movie would feature Apocalypse, but when you actually saw the movie and realized Apocalypse was more Ivan Ooze than the X-Men’s greatest foe, you realized what a horrible mistake you just made, debacle.

But again, it’s your mistake to learn. For me, I’m sitting pretty (Or at least bangable) with my NM copy of Amazing Spider-Man #361 and I’m laughing at you all (Okay, not all of you. Just the ones I know I could take in a fight.)

But any way, I wouldn’t fall for the hype. Not again. I’m still sitting on a box of Alpha Flight #17 (1st Big Hero 6!) and I can’t even trade it for a boob flash from the local fat guy who flashes people.

I swear I thought Big Hero 6 was gonna be the next big thing!

Now to wrap it all up, let me say that Amazing Spider-Man #361 is one of my favorite comics I own and it has nothing to do with the new Venom movie and everything to do with my love of comics.

But, to each their own.

So until next time, toodles noodle.






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