Cosplay Superstars: Kristen Hughey

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Cover Kristen.jpg

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Kristen Hughey attended her first Comic convention in 2012 as a way of forcing herself out of her shell. Now Kristen travels the world as a guest at comic/gaming/anime/pop culture conventions almost weekly and she live streams her gaming adventures on TWITCH, collecting loyal followers as she does. Currently she’s developing a YouTube series dedicated to helping people in the cosplay world where she says. “I have been working on this for over a year. I have a ton of content ready to film and some already filmed! I just need a better schedule to be able to film and edit everything. Or maybe clones. I need clones.”

And she’s not just beauty, people. She’s pursued degrees in biology and education and she’s fully hands on when it comes to her BRAND. Impressive.

You can visit Kristen’s You Tube Page here. And follow her on Twitter here.

And here are some of her best Cosplays (Click on the Images to see the FULL SIZE):







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