Batman V Superman: Is it Really, Really Good or Very, Very Bad?

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Before you say anything… STOP! DC fanboys, this isn’t an article bashing you guys yet again. This is an article that asks the questions, “Is Batman v Superman very good or very bad?”

So with that said, let’s find out.

Why it’s very good.

1.) The warehouse scene. One of the greatest scenes in any comic book movie, Marvel or DC, ever! This was Batman at his best, kicking ass and taking names.

The whole scene was a beautiful ode to what the Dark Knight is and what he always should be — a symbol of punishment that the bad guys have nightmares about.  Many fight scenes have left me in awe. The hallway scene from Old Boy. The Dance Floor scene from Kill Bill. And even the Punisher’s prisoner fight from Daredevil had me all fan boy goo-goo a gaga, but this scene… this scene brought a tear to my eye for the sheer brilliance in its choreography and unfolding score. 5 out of 5.

2) Wonder Woman. Like her movie, Diana was the bright ray of hope in a dark mess. From her theme music to her smiles while battling Doomsday, Wonder Woman just stole the show.

My only question though is, “Why was she flying commercial when she has her own invisible jet?”

3) The scene near the start of the movie with Bruce Wayne in Metropolis as the fight between Superman and Zod leveled the city. This. This is what should have opened the movie. Not that dreary, melancholy crap that Snyder loves so much.

As I watched this, my jaw was on the floor. If this scene had opened up the movie, it would have pulled audiences in right from the beginning and gave you that feeling of mankind witnessing the power of God and how truly helpless it made us feel.

It was awe inspiring and again, should have opened up the movie.

4 – Lex Luthor. A lot of people hated Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Lex, but to be honest, it was really good. Now before the hate flows in, ask yourself… “If Lex was a young genius today, would he be A) a Wall street tycoon or B), a tech billionaire? I’ll go with B.

Plus, once he shaved his head, you could see it. Young Lex. Perfection. And the part with him on the helipad with Superman, how he owned the Man of Steel with his intellect and deviousness. Brilliant.

5.) Batman versus Superman made sense. I’m not talking about the movie as a whole, but Batman’s motivation in general. Bruce represented mankind’s reaction to suddenly being knocked off their throne by God. To know that Superman can knock down buildings at ease, which represent a monumental achievement in this history of man, can make any human being feel as insignificant as an insect.

Such power. A Man with power obeys no one and creates his own rules. Imagine what a God would do. Now Bruce Wayne imagined the same thing. Hence, his motivation.

Why this movie was really bad.

1.) Let’s just get that whole Martha crap out of the way right now. That was weak sauce. Period.

2) Lex Luthor files on the other meta-humans. Honestly, this is right up there with the Martha debacle. How did Lex Luthor not only have the DC logos for Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and the Flash, but even know their code-names. WTF? Does Lex secretly own DC Comics too?

This was a huge crap-splat by Snyder.

3.) The movie tried to tell too many tales at one time. Too many flashbacks and flash forwards. Too much trying to tie in future movies and story lines. It just felt so convoluted. This is why many compare this movie to Wonder Woman as if they’re day and night. Wonder Woman’s movie knew what tale it wanted to tell. While this movie… I’m not sure what it was trying to do.

This has earned a Travolta.

4.) Jimmy Olsen. If it weren’t for the Director informing us, no one would have known that Superman’s little buddy was even in the movie. And to place the cherry on top of the cake, he was killed without us even knowing he was Jimmy Olsen. Why? Why introduce such an important character in Superman’s lore just to kill him off minutes after his (sort of) introduction.

Again, another head scratcher.

And now, my decision. Is Superman v Batman really good or really bad?

And my verdict is….

When this movie first came out, I hated it. It felt like an abomination. But after watching the extended edition, I really enjoyed this film. Ignoring the few faults and understanding the movie for what it is, it allowed me to finally enjoy the film like many others have. While it’s not on par with the Dark Knight, Logan, or Winter Soldier, it deserves better than the hate that’s been dumped on it since its theatrical release.

I give Batman V Superman 3 and a half stars out of 5.

And personally, yes… I like it. It’s placed firmly on my list of movies I can see multiple times, like Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool. So relax, DC fanboys. There will be no shitting on your movie this night.




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