The Top 30 Collectable Comics of the Last 30 Years.

By this, I mean, these are the top books that collectors like myself have been hunting down for the last past 30 years. So that means no Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Dark Knight Returns or Giant Sized X-Men #1. They just missed the cut off time. Sorry.

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30 – Spider-Man #700 (Ditko Variant) 2013


A Steve Ditko Spider-Man cover? Of course! This explains why this variant is on many, many collectors check list.

29 – Batman #608 (Retailers Variant) 2002

This variant kicked off Jim Lee’s run on Batman. This variant was super hard for the average collector to come by, hence the desirability.

28 – Vengeance of Bane (1st Bane) 1993

When Bane broke Batman’s back, this book was all the rage. Years later, when Bane was of the Dark Knight Rises, so did the value of this book. A great key.

27 – Amazing Spider-Man 298 (1st McFarlane art) 1988

Todd McFarlane began his Amazing Spider-Man run here and well… the rest is history.

26 – Flash #197 (1st Zoom) 2003

If you’re a fan of the Flash, this issue is somewhere near the top of your list. The 1st Zoom. Best modern Flash Villain hands down.

25 – Sandman #1 (1st Sandman) 1989

The book that introduced us to Morpheus and made Vertigo a household name.

24 – Batman: Harley Quinn (1st Harley in Comics) 1999

The most popular modern DC character is Harley Quinn and she was introduced into the regular DC continuity right here.

23 – Magnus Robot Fighter #12 (1st Turok) 1992

There was a time when Valiant ruled the back issue market and this baby right here was one of the main reasons why. The first Turok the Dinosaur hunter.

22 – Incredible Hulk #340 (McFarlane Wolverine) 1988

Ingredients for a HOT book. Add a Wolverine versus Hulk fight penciled by Todd McFarlane and you have yourself the perfect recipe.

21 – Preacher #1 (First Jesse Custer) 1995


Another Vertigo book and another hit. This book also spawned a hit TV Show on AMC.

20 – Eternal Warrior #4 (1st Bloodshot) 1992


Another home run for Valiant comics! And this time it’s the debut of Bloodshot, the most bad ass original character from Valiant.

19 – Detective Comics #880 (Joker Cover) 2011

An instant classic that went under many radars.

18 – Bone#1 1991

I had this book once. Bought it for three bucks. But then I sold it on EBay for twenty. Huge regret! Huge!

17 – Amazing Spider-Man #678 (Mary Jane/Venom Variant) 2012

I tried to get this when it came out. Couldn’t afford it. Tried to get it yesterday. Still can’t afford it. At this rate, I’ll have to save up 213 paychecks just to afford it.

16 – Invincible #1 (1st Mark Grayson) 2003

The most underrated book on our list will cost you around 300 bucks to buy. Go figure.

15 – Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (1st Ultimate Universe) 2000

Can you believe this book was once on par with Amazing Spider-Man #300? It’s still a desirable book though.

14 – The Walking Dead #19 (1st Michonne) 2005

Michonne’s debut was a highlight of the Walking Dead mania. And the cover… an instant classic.

13 – Chew #1 (1st Tony Chu) 2009

A book about the FBI working with a guy who eats people? How could this not be a collectable book?

12 – Saga #1 (Image) 2012

Wanna know why this is a very collectable book? Read it and you’ll know why. One

of the best stories of the modern era.

11 – Amazing Spider-Man #361 (1st Carnage) 1992

The second best Spider-man villain of the modern era. the first Carnage appearance was and still is a very collectable modern book. Plus that cover… it’s a classic.

10 – Uncanny X-Men #266 (1st Gambit) 1990

Remember when this book ruled the Wizard Top 10? Gambit during the 90’s was as popular as Dylan McKay, Kurt Cobain, and Michael Jordan combined.

9 – Batman: The Killing Joke #1 (First Print) 1988


The greatest Batman story and most controversial. A beautiful issue… beautifully insane.

8 – Harbinger #1 (1st Harbinger kids) 1992

It’s those Valiant guys again. The 90’s Valiant craze started with this issue here and to this day, you can’t get a NM for under a hundred (Cue the trolls!)

7 – Edge of Spider-verse #2 (1st Spider-Gwen) 2014

The variant issue is more sought after than the regular cover, but the point here is that Spider-Gwen is the most popular Marvel character created in the last ten years.

6 – New Mutants #87 (1st Cable) 1990

When it came out this book was super popular! Then for some reason, it died down big time. But now that Cable is going to guest of Deadpool’s new movie, this book is very desirable once more.

5 – NYX #3 (1st X-23) 2004


Since the moment this book came out, it was on every list around. But then one night, the price went from 80 bucks to 200 and a classic collectable was born. Not sure if that price hike had anything to do with the Logan movie, but good damn, this book is hot.

4 – The Walking Dead #1 (1st Rick Grimes) 2003

The beginning of the Walking Dead phenomenon and the most expensive modern book today. Honestly, I loved Zombies, but I had no idea this book would be as big as it is.

3 – Batman Adventures #12 (1st Harley Quinn) 1993


The greatest DC Comic book character of the modern era was a cartoon first. Harley Quinn has transcended comics and is a pop culture icon. Which is why her book is so damn, freaking expensive.

2 – New Mutants #98 (1st Deadpool) 1991


The Merc with the mouth wasn’t initially popular, but once a few different writers got a hold of him, broke the fourth wall, and turned him into the Deadpool we all know and love today, this baby took off in price and never looked back.

1 – Amazing Spider-Man #300 (1st Venom) 1988


What else can you say about this book? It has Todd McFarlane art, the first Venom, and it’s Spidey’s 300th issue! This book has always been popular, but with the new Venom movie announced, this book is back on top of the back issue mountain.

And that’s all Folks!






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