The 25 Best Avengers Covers of My Time!

I’ve been an Avengers fan for as long as I can remember. My Mom actually went into a LCS when I was ten and picked me up my first high grade silver age book. It was an Avengers #40. And I still have it till this day and it’s one of my favorite books I own. So in honor of my love for the Avengers, here are in my opinion, the 25 Best Avengers Covers of MY TIME!avengers-copy

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25 – Avengers #40

Like I said in the intro. This issue holds a special place in my heart. Plus, the Submariner returns!


24 – Avengers #110

Magneto and the X-Men on an Avengers cover? Yes, please! This issue is a classic and Magneto as a Villain is always a win.


23 – Avengers #305

A John Byrne classic. Just a simple cover that gives you an amazing preview. Plus, you get his version of the Black Panther, which is one of the best.


22 – Avengers #48

The Black Knight lives again! This book showcasing the Black Knight is a favorite among Silver Age collectors. And judging by this cover, can you blame them?


21 – Avengers #70

Marvel’s mightiest heroes, the Avengers versus the Squadron Supreme, Marvel’s version of DC’s Justice League. Is it any wonder why this is not only a cool cover, but a sought after book as well?


20 – Avengers #342

One of my personal favorites. At the time, the quality of the Avengers had gone down, but this cover talked me into buying this issue. Awesome!

19 – Avengers #76

I’m not sure what it was about this cover —- the way the buildings were drawn, Goliath climbing them, the Avengers all together, or Arkon clutching the Scarlet Witch as he clung to a radio tower, but I love this cover. Love it!


18 – Avengers #25

Dr. Doom on an Avengers cover is a win. To my knowledge, this is the only time Doom has ever appeared on an Avengers cover. What a shame.


17 – Avengers #223

Again, a simple image that became a classic. The visual of the Ant-Man on one of Hawkeye’s arrow is a fan favorite, even before the image was redone of the silver screen during Captain America: Civil War.


16 – Avengers #53

Put the X-Men against the Avengers on the cover and you’ll have an instant winner. And in the case of issue #53, you have a book that is still sought after till this day.


15 – Avengers #63

When Clint Barton turned in his Hawkeye uniform in order to become the new version of Goliath, a lot of people thought that was a mistake. Years later, many fans have embraced his temporary look. And why not? It was awesome!


14 – Avengers #88

The Hulk in an Avengers issue is always a big thing, but the Hulk on an Avengers cover drawn by Sal Buscema is a HUGE THING! Plus, this book as it’s homages. Always a sign of a classic.



13 – Avengers #237

This one had the Amazing Spider-Man and the Avengers battling it out with the newest version of the Masters Of Evil on a cover that just perfectly displayed what a battle in the pages of an Avengers comic is.


12 – Avengers #22

This Jack Kirby and Wally Wood classic covers features a very underrated villain of the time, Power-Man. And FYI, a lot of silver age collectors are known to pay more than GUIDE for this book in high grade.

avengers 22

11 – Avengers #97

A Gil Kane classic. The cover reintroduce comic fans of the time to golden age characters such as Toro, the Human Torch, and the Destroyer. Man, this was an epic cover!


10 – Avengers #277

The climax of this very underrated story arc of the Avengers versus the largest and most vicious incarnation of the Masters of Evil. In my opinion, the greatest Avengers battle of all time.


9 – Avengers #57

The intro of the Vision into the Marvel Universe was one that falls into the category of an instant classic. And this cover is half the reason why.


8 – Avengers #273

This cover was part of Marvel’s 25th anniversary covers it was doing at the time for all it’s titles, but this cover, it was just majestic. The Black Knight was never depicted as beautifully as he was here.


7 – Avengers #1

The one that started it all. This is the book that first got Thor, the Hulk, Ant-Man, the Wasp, and Iron Man together. To own this book is to own a piece of history.


6 – Avengers #89

The only good alien is a dead alien. Man, seeing Captain Marv-ell like this on this cover was such a soul grabbing sight. Amazing.


5 – Avengers #93

The Neal Adams run began here and it began with a bang. The Avengers charging the Fantastic Four signaling the beginning of the classic Kree-Skrull War storyline. Marvel at its finest.


4 – Avengers #20

A highly controversial cover back in the day, this baby has earned its place on my list. The image of a bound Captain America being thrown off an unfinished building by the Swordsman is breathtaking.


3 – Avengers #4

The return of Marvel’s greatest hero, Captain America. The cover says it all. If the word “Classic” needed a visual representation in the dictionary, this book would be a perfect choice.


2 – Avengers #16

This is a classic by anyone standards. Captain America assembling a new team of Avengers after Thor, Iron-Man, the Hulk, Ant-Man, and the Wasp left. Classic.


1 – Avengers #92

The best Avengers cover of all time is one of the greatest covers in Marvel’s history and in my opinion, Neal Adam’s greatest cover ever. Who could forget the image of the original Avengers sending Goliath, the Vision, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch away in disgrace. Goosebumps, people. Goosebumps.


And it’s homage cover as well…

av24 hom.jpg





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