The Greatest Uncanny X-Men Covers of My-Time

UXM 141 Cover

Over my life span (I’m 41), I’ve had the pleasure of losing myself in the Uncanny X-Men title. To Me, there was no other comic that could come close. So in honor of that, I’m listing my top 25 favorite Uncanny X-Men covers of my time.

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25 – Uncanny X-Men #100xmen-100.jpg

The Original X-Men versus the New X-Men. What’s not to like about this cover?

24 – Uncanny X-Men #266Uncanny_X-Men_Vol_1_266

Gambit and a young Storm on the cover? This folks, introduced us all to that Ragin Cajun that was all the craze back in the 90’s! Thank you, Andy Kubert!

23 – Uncanny X-Men #114x-men-114.png

A classic John Byrne cover that may have fooled a few fans back in the day. Never the less, it was an instant classic.

22 – Uncanny X-Men #415Uncanny_X-Men_Vol_1_415

A most awesome cover by Steve Uy that perfectly captures Nightcrawler. Look at this cover. It’s beautiful.

21 – Uncanny X-Men #98X-Men_Vol_1_98.jpg

This cover just says action and with the Uncanny X-Men, action is what we love!

20 – Uncanny X-Men #201Uncanny_X-Men_Vol_1_201

A Rick Leonardi, a very under rated X-Men artist and Whilce Portacio brought us this magnificent vision of Storm versus Cyclops. After this issue, the X-Men would never be the same.

19 – Uncanny X-Men #13UXM 13.jpg

The sight or the X-Men teaming up with the Human Torch to take on the Juggernaut was a thing of pure beauty.

18 – Uncanny X-Men #378Uncanny_X-Men_Vol_1_378.jpg

When I first saw this cover, I just knew that I had to have it. What sort of new team was this? And I just had to find out.

17 – Uncanny X-Men #19

UXM 19.jpg

A long forgotten X-Men antagonist — and eventual member, the Mimic made his debut here with an awesome cover that spotlight all of his… strangeness.

16 – Uncanny X-Men #169Uncanny_X-Men_Vol_1_169

This was a breathtaking cover that showcased Angel is true peril. I was amazed by this cover then and I’m still amazed now.

15 – Uncanny X-Men #268UXM 268.jpeg

This cover right here is the perfect testament as to the popularity of Jim Lee during his Uncanny X-Men run. Black Widow, Captain America, and Wolverine in a Hero pose. Simply beautiful.

14 – Uncanny X-Men #316Uncanny_X-Men_Vol_1_316_Full_Cover.jpg

Joe Madureira was an awesome X-Men artist and this cover right here showed why? And why he never blew up like he should, I’ll never know.

13 – Uncanny X-Men #57UXM 57.jpg

Neal Adams on the X-Men? Come on! This is a no brainer! Plus, could these Sentinels be anymore scarier?

12 – Uncanny X-Men #140X-Men_Vol_1_140.jpg

John Byrne drawing the Wendigo versus the X-Men? Man, what else could you hope for on a cover?

11 – Uncanny X-Men # 242Uncanny_X-Men_Vol_1_242.jpg

Can someone please give Marc Silvestri the credit the man deserves? He has drawn some of the most classic X-Men covers of all time and this one here, it’s his second best next to this next one on our list.

10 – Uncanny X-Men #251x-men-251.png

Another Marc Silvestri classic that basically gets big bucks in the back issue market simply because of the eerily beautiful cover he has drawn. Wolverine on a crucifix shaped like an X? Yes, please!

9 – Uncanny X-Men #1UXM 1

The one that started it all will forever be an iconic cover by any standard. Thank you, Jack Kirby.

8 – Uncanny X-Men #290Uncanny_X-Men_Vol_1_290

Whilce Portacio at his best. Say what you will about his career, but the man knew how to draw the most regal and beautiful Storm ever!

7 – Uncanny X-Men #168ux168

Proof that  sometimes simple is the best. This Paul Smith classic cover depicting Kitty Pryde in dire consequence is perfect in every way.

6 – Uncanny X-Men #138UXM 138.jpg

This John Byrne classic is so good that many, many artists have used this cover as a homage for a cover on their book. Something about just perfectly captured the feel of Cyclops leaving the X-Men.

5 – Uncanny X-Men #213Uncanny_X-Men_Vol_1_213_Direct

This is Sabretooth versus Wolverine. What else needs to be said?

4 – Uncanny X-Men #58UXM 58.jpg

Is there any wonder why Neal Adams was such a superstar artist? The man could draw and when it came to the X-Men, he was at his best.

3 – Uncanny X-Men #133UXM 133.jpg

The cover said it all. Wolverine was the only X-Men left standing and he was going all out berserker rage on the Hallfire Club. The cover to one of the greatest Wolverine stories ever.

2 – Uncanny X-Men # 213UXM 210.jpg

My personal favorite X-Men cover as I own like ten copies of this beauty. This cover just captured the X-Men beautifully, portraying them in a rock star fashion that just says, “The best the 80’s had to offer.” If you like posters, grab this one and tape it to your wall.

And number ONE!

1 – Uncanny X-Men #141X-Men_Vol_1_141.jpg

This is the most classic, recognizable X-Men cover of all time. It’s been homaged more times than I can count and seriously, this cover told us fans back then that this was no ordinary X-Men story. Nah, this book just got taken to a whole other level and this was the perfect cover for that ascension.






2 thoughts on “The Greatest Uncanny X-Men Covers of My-Time

  1. Damn, I thought for sure Uncanny X-Men #101 would’ve been on there. That cover is beautiful. The layout of Phoenix coming out the water with the others all swimming for their lives. The colors are a thing of beauty.


  2. I was a little surprised by some of the choices on there, but all in all, a pretty good list. Maybe do one of alternate covers? (Uncanny X-Men #522 has an alternate cover that’s a great homage to Dr. Strangelove)


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