The Justice League (Cosplay Girl Edition)

JLA Cosplay

Ladies and Gentlemen, in honor of the Justice League movie coming out in November, here’s something to hold you off in the darkness of your locked bedroom until then. What is it? It’s the Justice League: Cosplay Edition, that’s what! Whoo! So who’s excited!?

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So with out further delay, here’s the ladies!


Courtesy of Wonderful Girl


These girls are not only beautiful, but look like they can kick even the ass of my buddy, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin! I’d even risk moving to the high crime rate city of Gotham just to get a peek at Bat Girl. I feel Robin would even approve.



This isn’t Superman’s little cousin any longer. She is Super sexy and faster than a comic nerd making that last second bid on EBay. But seriously. Much respect to these Ladies. They’d even make the real Super Girl proud.



This winged Vixen from the sky is part warrior, part beauty, and all woman. But be careful, cause if you break her heart, she’ll shine her weapon up real nice, turn it sideways, and stick straight up your candy ass!



Oliver would be proud. These women not only look sexy, but they ooze toughness. Please, please… shoot that arrow through my heart. My fantasy says that we’ll fall in love, but my reality says that I’ll just die like an idiot. Either way, it would make for a cute story.



This scarlet speedster would have all our hearts racing at super speed. She’s fast, but I’m pretty sure she likes her man really, really slow. Wink, wink. Ugh! Bad pun alert. Any how, a female Flash… what’s not to like? Right, Iris?



I have like a million words I want to say about this, but all I can muster up is one. DAMN!

Not even the great Ron Simmons can muster up the strength to say his infamous catchphrase. I feel you, Ron.



I would dive into the deepest oceans with my floaties on if it meant one of these beauties was waiting for me at the bottom. Please! Someone discover Atlantis already! But until then, I’m popping in SPLASH with Daryl Hannah on my VCR and reliving the 80’s!



I know I’m not alone, but I so seriously want to join the Green Lantern Corps now. If you’re with me, just swear this oath and we’ll be fighting alongside these beauties in no time.

In brightest day, in blackest night,

No evil shall escape my sight

Let those who worship evil’s might,

Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!



Did you ever feel like a woman had you under her spell and there was nothing you wouldn’t do for her? That’s how I feel about Zatanna. I’d give her my bank account number, my good kidney, and my Fantastic Four #52. Yeah, I’m whooped!


And finally…. WONDER WOMAN

Wait. That was Linda Carter and a Gorilla. My bad. Here’s the Wonder Women.


She has the number one movie in the world, has claim to the best DC movie since Batman: The Dark Knight, and she is hands down the most amazing, beautiful, and inspiring female in comics, cosplay, and beyond.

A big salute to you, Diana Prince!


So those are our heroes. As for the Villains, tune in next Bat-time on the same Bat-blog for some more Bat-action! Ugh, what the fuck is the matter with me? My puns suck more than Molly Ringwald on Riverdale! Ugh!

Just kidding. I love you, Molly.


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