Comics To Keep An Eye On: Uncanny X-Men #194


Besides having a kick-ass appearance by the Juggernaut and Nimrod, this issue of Uncanny X-Men is going to grab a lot of attention sooner rather than later thanks to it being the first appearance of Andrea and Andreas Strucker… yes, those twins in which the new X-Men TV show is going to be based around.

Played by Natalie Alyn Lind (The Goldbergs) and Percy Hynes White (11.22.63), the Strucker Twins hit the small screen in a big way as the stars of the new X-Men: Gifted show on FOX. And if this show is even slightly as good as FOX’s other show, LEGION then look for fan boys and geek girls alike to scramble to buy copies of their first appearance — which they can find in this issue here, Uncanny X-Men #194.

And in case you’ve been stuck on the Amazon Island of Themyscira lately, here’s a trailer to remind you of all the hub bub.


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