Comics To Keep An Eye On: SuperGirl #5


This book features the first appearance of Reign, a Kryptonian science experiment who ventures to Earth to find answers about how and why she was created. Known as a world killer, she arrived with three other experiments and defeated Supergirl after an intense battle. The city crumbled, but Reign left after Supergirl, defeated but not out, managed to hurt one of her “soldiers.”

She is indeed a true SMACKDOWN character.


But Reign is also set to play the main villain in the upcoming Supergirl season and should breathe some fresh life into the show. While Season two had it’s moments, most grew tired of the focus on relationships instead of actual hero related arcs. Hopefully the introduction of Reign changes all that and gives us a Supergirl season we can all embrace.

So Supergirl #5, volume 6. Get while it’s HOT!




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