The Top 10 Comic Book TV Shows

10 – Agents of Shield


I honestly thought this show would be better. I was sort of wrong. It does have it’s moments, like Ghost Rider, Absorbing Man, and the Inhumans story line, but for the most part, I guess the best word to describe this show is…. boring…. sometimes.

But it’s coming back for another season. Please…. in 2018…. make that they year that the show finally delivers some big, WTF moments.


9 – Luke Cage


The music was great, especially if you are a fan of hip hop. And Mike Colter was perfectly cast as Luke Cage and then dropped into the picture perfect setting of Harlem for the story. BUT, the villain…. or villains… they left a lot to be desired and Cage deserved more than that. Hopefully in the Defenders or Cage season 2, Cage will be allowed to unleash his full power on an unstoppable villain who can take a Luke Cage hit and hit back just as hard.

8 – Super-Girl


This show started off good, but romantic story lines that no one wanted has bogged the show down pretty hard. Saving grace though? Super-girl has charisma, Super-man is pretty awesome, Flash X-overs, and Cat Grant.

7 – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow


This show is NOT PERFECT, but damn if this show is not fun. From featuring a young George Lucas to Chicago style mobsters, this show always keeps us awake. As far as ideas go, DC struck gold with this one. Take the unused supporting characters from Arrow and the Flash, add in time travel and you get a hit show.

Now if only they could visit Super-Girl’s world.

6 – Jessica Jones


There are people that dislike this show. Why? I’m still not sure, but for me, I loved it. We had a flawed lead who didn’t see herself as a hero, just trying to survive a horrific and well cast villain. It was a perfect second attempt by Marvel and Netflix.

And P.S., I love U, Jessica!

5 – Legion


This is my personal favorite. Everything about this show was perfect. From Dan Stevens as the lead, David Haller to Aubrey Plaza as the Shadow King to the beautiful, 1970’s influenced scenery to well… everything. It was that perfect. This show made you think, it made you trip, and it made you second guess everything you thought you were watching. It was more than a show about a mutant. It was more like, a show about the artistic beauty found in the strange and the unexplained.

My personal recommendation —- Episode 6 and Aubrey Plaza’s dance scene. Trust me.

4 – Arrow


I actually didn’t give this show a chance when it first came out, but Arrow is an exciting show. It’s not as loyal to the comics, but that’s a good thing. On this show, Oliver Queen comes off as DC’s Batman of the small screen and folks, it works.

And let’s not forget his strong supporting cast from Diggle to the White Canary. Without them, I’m not sure if the show would be as good.

Plus, Barry Allen made his debut on this show and well, who doesn’t love Barry Allen?

3 – Daredevil


Wow. This was Marvel and Netflix’s first attempt at a show and damn, did they knock the ball out of the ball park. This show is what a Marvel show should look like. The show gave us Elektra, the Punisher, a perfect Kingpin, and Senor Froggy and in return, we’re giving Netflix all our money. This isn’t your Ben Affleck Daredevil, folks. This Daredevil is simply amazing.

Go ahead folks. Tell me if there’s a better TV show scene than Jon Beranthal as the Punisher, killing all those prisoners who were dead set on killing Frank. Simply amazing.

2 – The Walking Dead


Honestly, I love Zombies. I’m not sure what it is, but I feel like everyone fantasizes what it would be like to survive the Zombie apocalypse. With this show, our fantasies are there for us to enjoy on the small screen. So much gore.

You all know the story. Robert Kirkman creating the Walking Dead comic book for Image comics, AMC adapted it for television, and the show became the most successful cable television show of all time…. yes, even more than Breaking Bad. If you want huge pay offs, epic villains, and so much gore then this show is for you. If not, may I suggest you pull your head out your ass. Just kidding. Leave it in there.

1 – The Flash


This is my favorite show. Unlike Arrow and the DC movies, this show is bright and fun and has some amazing baddies like Zoom, Reverse-Flash, and Grodd. Damn, Grodd is awesome…. and King Shark. Gotta love that CGI on the Flash.

And the Flash also has what other great shows, like the Walking Dead and Daredvil have —- a great supporting cast. Cisco, Wells, Caitlin, Iris, and Wally…. maybe not Wally… are great in the roles they’re given and have stolen a scene or two away from Barry.

So run… run like the Flash, hit that Netflix app, and turn on the show. You’re welcomed.




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