ALERT! Gwenom is Coming!

s-l1600Everyone loves Gwenom.

Yes, the amalgam of Spider-Gwen and Venom is an extremely popular creation that has Geeks like me thanking the good Lord for good ideas. Seriously. Not since peanut butter and chocolate has a mash-up gotten us so excited.

First teased on the Rob Guillory variant cover of  Guardians of Knowhere #1, fans have been clamoring for this version of Venom ever since the issue was first teased to us. And folks, it looks like us nerds may just get what we’ve been waiting for.

Enter: Spider-Gwen #19


Like BLEEDING COOL first reported, this issue will be our first proper intro to Gwenom. Now I’m not sure if this will introduce the Venom symbioses or the character that will become Venom, but for sure, this is going to be an important issue of the Spider-Gwen/Gwenom saga which is rumored to last a year.

So scoop up copies now (My copy is on the way), as well as Guardians of Knowhere #1, the Gwenom variant (Which is going for 20 bucks) before it’s too late.

Oh and just to wet your “appetite”, here are some amazing Gwenom Cosplay from Cosplay model Elise Laurenne. Bon appetit!
















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