5 Comics to Keep an Eye on, Vol. 2 (06/17/15)

Sup there, party people! Who out there is ready for yet another edition of my “5 Comics to Keep an Eye on!” Come on! Let me hear ya!


Thank you, Keenan and Bobby Moynihan! This blog is the place to show your inner excited nerd, cause this edition brings us some real goodies that I’m dying to share with you guys. So without further ado, let’s bring out our first little gem.

Now in at the NUMBER #5 spot is Batman Adventures Holiday Special #1!!!


Now why is this cartoon-y issue on my Top 5 list? Well, it’s simple my minions. You see, there’s this little character named Harley Quinn and um, well… EVERYONE LOVES THE SHIT OUT OF HER! So much in fact that they’re gobbling up ALL HER EARLY APPEARANCES including this one, which I believe is her third appearance. So basically, grab this one up before it’s no longer cheap thanks to all them, hoarding, sell high, EBay mongers out there. Wait. That’s not that bad. Bills gots to be paid, foo! Any how, this book hasn’t exploded yet, so BUY NOW!

And on a side note, man, it pays to be a cute psychopath with Daddy issues these days, doesn’t it? That Harley Quinn. She’s the apple of all of our bloodshot eyes. heck, she’s even on the cover of magazines now. You go, Harley Quinn!

PB 01

So here we go with NUMBER 4 and it’s a twofer! Welcome to the list, Punisher #10 & Daredevil #257!


Come on now. If you don’t know why these two books are two to keep your eye on then you need both your eyes and your brain checked on, cause you be stupid. Duh! Any how, Daredevil #257 and Punisher #10 feature the awesome stories of Daredevil versus the Punisher and unless you were preoccupied with that whole Anakin Skywalker getting arrested nonsense then you may have missed an even juicier story. Brace yourself, cause Jon Bernthal of the Walking Dead fame will appear on the second season of Netflix’s Daredevil as…. THE PUNISHER!!!!!!!!! That’s right! You heard it here dead last, my Minions. Jon Bernthal as the Punisher on Daredevil means —- fanboys will be grabbing up all Daredevil versus the Punisher issues and these two are as HOT as any so hurry up and BUY NOW or get out!

In Bernthal We Trust.


Now in at number THREE is… Marvel Two In One Annual #7? Really?


Yes, really. Come on. You have the Thing, in boxing gloves, taking on some crazy, giant space dude who loves to fight a planet’s greatest champions and um… NOPE!!! That’s not the reason why this book is picking up steam. Want to know why? Um, ever hear of the Infinity Gauntlet?  You have? Cool. Now you know that it takes FIVE Infinity Gems to power that thing, right? Well, in this issue, one of them Gems, THE POWER GEM, first rears it’s shiny booty for everyone to see. Yup. Everyone loves POWER GEM booty and thus, this book is on the rise.


And now, our NUMBER 2 Booty, um I mean pick is Amazing Fantasy #15!!!


Okay, hold your insults there, trolls, cause I’m not talking about Amazing Fantasy #15, the first appearance of Spidey, but instead, Amazing Fantasy #15, Volume 2, the first appearance of… ahem… Amadeus Cho. Who? I said, Amadeus Cho, man. Come on, show the dude some respect.


So any way, this book is picking up steam, cause those pesky rumors that Amadeus Cho here is soon going to be the NEW HULK and whether we like it or not, it is going to happen. But again, how cool will a Chinese Hulk look? Talk about awesome sauce.


And now, finally, my number 1 pick for you guys to keep your eyes on! Ready? Cause it’s New Avengers #10!


Right about now, you may be asking… this? Yes. This. You see, this book holds the distinction of being the first appearance of Thanos’s offspring,  Thane! Again, who? It’s Thane. And I’m guessing since Thanos is playing a huge role in the MCU and the current Secret War that Thane will pop up sooner than later. And it looks like I’m not the only one, cause this book is starting to see some movement on EBay.

Now as for Thane, read this excerpt about him from Comicvine.com:

After his powers were awakened by the Terrigen Bomb, Thane, who had spent his life healing others, looked in horror as his new power had killed all he knew. He was found by Ebony Maw, who quickly manipulated and trapped Thane, who is the last remaining offspring of Thanos.

As Thanos was finally going to kill his last child, the Avengers arrived on the scene. Ebony Maw continued to talk to Thane about his power and destiny. He released Thane to see if he would save the world, in doing so become his father’s son and take life. Thane accepted and put Thanos in a state of ‘living death.’






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