The Top 10 HOTTEST COMICS! (06/06/15)


What’s up, people! It’s me Johnny Spruce and here I am, bringing you the Top 10 HOTTEST COMICS from Asgard to Gotham City! Now these books are the top movers and shakers of the past month and as someone always researching price movements, I can tell you without a doubt, that these are the TOP TEN HOTTEST COMIC BOOKS so far. (So if a book you feel isn’t here or one you feel shouldn’t then go ahead and leave me a comment.)

Now before I continue, I also want you to know that I’ve been studying book sales from EBay as well as this Facebook page that I love so much, “COMIC BOOK COLLECTING BUY SELL TRADE“. So again, if you feel I missed a book or missed the mark, tell me. I can take it.

And if I can’t then my buddy HULK here will answer your comment for me. Hulk-The-Avengers-movie-image-21-1024x531

Now onto our top 10 comics with our number 10 Comic Book on our list, Alias #1. Alias

Now right off the bat, this COMIC BOOK is not based off the Jennifer Garner led TV SHOW of the same name, but is instead an original book that many of you passed up when it first came out in 2001, including me. Sigh. Where’s our “Time Machine” when we need it, am I right?

Anyhow, hot off the anticipation of Netflix’s 2nd live action show after the critically acclaimed Daredevil, is this sleeper hit, Alias#1 featuring the very first appearance of Netflix’s title character, Jessica Jones. That’s right. Jessica Jones! And for those of you in the dark, Jessica Jones was once a HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR connected to many historic and iconic Marvel events like Peter Parker getting bitten by the infamous “Radioactive spider” and the arrival of Galactus (How? Read the book, people!)

Any way, Jessica Jones will be played by the beautiful Krysten Ritter, who many of you may remember from that underrated show, “The B in Apartment 23” featuring cult favorite James Van Der Beek and from her epically awesome supporting role as Jane in Breaking Bad. Yummy. So pick up this book, created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos for the Marvel MAX imprint series. And again. READ THIS BOOK! It’s a really great read. Trust me. Oh… and I can’t leave you without mentioning how cool this cover is, right? Right?!?!

Alrighty then. Let’s get to our next entry in the TOP TEN, our number 9 book, Eternal Warrior #4. ew4

Wow! A Valiant book in the Top Ten? What is this… a Wizard Price Guide Top 10 from 1993? Seriously. When did Valiant get HOT again? Do you think it has to do with the fact that Valiant’s current line of COMIC BOOKS are epically awesome and some of the best reads around? Or maybe it’s, cause there’s a whole new generation of comic collectors out there and they’re just discovering how awesome them old pre-Unity Valiants are? Or maybe, just maybe… the little rumors of Valiant wanting to throw their hat into the cinematic ring may have something to do with it as well? Hmm, could be.

But as to why THIS BOOK is hotter than most books is pretty simple. You see, this book is the very first appearance of Bloodshot, who many of you may know, is one of Valiant’s most bad ass characters. And if you were around then, then you do know why this book is as HOT as it was back then. It’s BLOODSHOT, people! Bloodshot!!! Need I say more?


So here we are at number 8. And with that, here’s numero ocho itself, Silver Surfer #44! Silver_Surfer_Vol_3_44

Now what’s so special about this little issue? Let’s see. How about something called — THE INFINITY GAUNTLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, that’s right! The Infinity Gauntlet makes it’s debut here this issue and fans are shelling out 40 plus bucks to land this hidden treasure. Why? Cause in case you’ve been in a Rick Grimes type coma the last few years then you might not know that Avengers 3 and 4 will be based on the Infinity Gauntlet series and everything related has just been as HOT as the new fantastic Four movie has been cold. Throw in some Thanos and Drax of Guardians of the Galaxy fame and add in some low availability of true Near Mint issues and bam! Instant desirability.

Oh and did I mention, Jim Starlin was involved. Instant gold!!! Infinity-Wars-04

And now, lucky number 7! And it is… Captain America #360! Captain-America_360_Vol1968_Marvel__ComiClash

Man, fans really love a Captain America comic featuring sharks and Batroc, don’t they? I can see why. I mean, sharks even have a whole week dedicated to them and Batroc, well… who doesn’t love the French? Am I right? So if you love the French and really love sharks then pick up this… wait. What? Those aren’t the reasons this book is super, ultra hot? Then what is the reason? Crossbones? Oh, that dude from Captain America: Winter Soldier played by Frank Gallo? That Crossbones? That same guy who’s going to play a major baddie on the upcoming Captain America: Civil War? That Crossbones? Yeah. Now I get it. And apparently, so do all you Fan Boys, cause this right now is a 50 dollar book in many circles and the closer the movie gets, the higher the price rises and well… all I can say is, get this book now!!!!!!!!!!


Now number 6, come on down! That means you, Harbinger #1!!!! harbinger-1-valiant

Another Valiant book here? Seriously, am I really back in 1993, cause if so, there’s this girl that I had a crush on who I always wanted to date, but she never gave me the chance, because she thought she was fine enough to be on 90210 and I was some scrub who collected comics and now… I just want to go up to her and tell her… girl, you get really fat and marry a guy who loses all his hair by 33. Yeah! Karma, baby!

But seriously, do you guys not know about Valiant and their Sony deal which will bring not only Bloodshot, but the Harbinger kids to the big screen by 2017? Now you know why these valiant books are on fire again, right? oh.. and this book is also the very first Valiant title so it’s no wonder why Fan Boys are shelling out over 100 bucks for a near mint copy of this title (Coupon HAS TO BE included.) Valiant days are here again. wizard-press-wizard-comics-magazine-issue-17

So it’s time to crack our Top 5 and the honor of number 5 goes to Star Wars #42! sw42

Yes! First Valiant and now Star Wars! Who needs a time machine when everything I loved as a teenager is back and just as good as it was then! Yes! but as always, in fairness to those of you with no internet, no friends, or no life at all, I’ll explain why this book and Star Wars are super, mega HOT right now.

First, J.J. Abrams has been tasked with creating a new trilogy of Star Wars movie for us Star War fans and judging by the TRAILER and this TEASER, he’s going to come through big time for me and other Star wars Fan Boys alike. Trust me… my friends and I WILL BE in line, dressed as Star War characters and camping out for days just to be amongst the first to see this movie.

And second, there is going to be a solo Boba Fett movie so it’s no wonder why this book, the first appearance of Boba Fett in the Star Wars comics is so hot right now. In fact, NM copies are now going for a cool Benjamin (100 dollars for you uncool cats) and shows zero signs of slowing down. So if you see a copy of this book, snatch it up before a rabid Star Wars fan does.

Oh and for you loyal Star Wars fans, enjoy my favorite Star Wars trailer parody. And if you don’t trust me, trust Matthew McConaughey’s opinion.

And now, number 4!!!!!!


Yes! Edge of Spider-verse #2 returns! But, we’re talking about the variant version here which is gathering upwards of two hundred dollars on the back issue market. And why not? Gwen Stacy is one of the hottest characters that Marvel has to offer at the moment as well as being a main focus in the upcoming Marvel universe launch so is it any wonder why here first appearance as well as the uber-hot variant is etched in our Top Ten? And before any of you guys brush my love for Spider-Gwen away like it doesn’t matter, try listening to her awesome theme song and tell me that Spider-Gwen doesn’t rock.

And number 3 is… Suicide Squad #1 (New 52)


Come on. You have to know why this is hot, right? DC Comics have not done any good movies so far, asides from anything Batman, but the upcoming Suicide Squad movie has everything DC needs to become a smash hit.

For examples, 1) Will Smith. Everything Smith does (Except with his son) turns out great. 2) Jared Leto as the Joker. All I have to say about that is — WIN!!!!! 3) Harley Quinn! Yes! my favorite psycho bitch is coming to the big screen and I couldn’t be more happy that Margot Robbie is going to play her! Epic Win!!!! 4) Killer Croc! WTF?!?! Yeah, this is so bad ass on so many level. And finally, 5) Batman will appear and as stated before, Batman is DC’s face of Success.

So there you have it. 5 reasons why the movie is going to be awesome equals the number one reason why fans are shelling out 60 bucks for this New 52 bad boy. And in case you don’t think fans are as excited as I am, check out this fan made treat.

So here we go with number 2, Marvel Super Heroes #13!


Wow! And I was thinking the Valiant books were taking us back, but man… this is going way back… to like 1969 I think. Man just walked on the moon, Charlie Manson was terrorizing Los Angeles, and Woodstock rocked the world. 1969 was great, but it’s not the reason why this book shot all the way up to being a 9 hundred dollar book. No that reason belongs to the only and only Carol Danvers, who as some of you know, will star in her own movie in 2018 and right now, is one of Marvel’s most popular characters. But 900 bucks? Yup! Shocked me too.

And speaking of Carol, rumors are that Marvel wants Angelina Jolie to direct a Charlize Theron led Captain Marvel movie. Cool, but Charlize is old and Angelina might not be the best fit. In my opinion, only one actress was born to play Captain Marvel — and that is Yvonne Strahovski of CHUCK fame. She’s blonde, strong, a good actress, and as seen on CHUCK, can get physical when needed. Yeah, the former Sarah Walker would be the perfect Captain Marvel.

Go Team Strahovski!


and finally, drum roll please!!!!!!! Our number one HOTTEST COMIC in all the land is…

C A P T A I N   M A R V E L#17!!!


Ho-ray for Girl Power! Ho-ray for Fan Boy power! And most importantly, ho-ray for me!!! But seriously. Why is THIS book HOTTER than let’s say, Captain Marvel #14, the 1st appearance of Kamala Khan or Captain Marvel #17, the 1st FULL appearance of Kamala Khan? Well simply put, it’s a scarce variant cover done by Adrian Alphona that many fans did not pick up and the fans that did, are selling their copies for like — a hundred plus dollars! Yeah! The FULL debut of this Muslim beauty is going to cost you a pretty penny — if you desire the variant cover.

Also, this issue is the first time Kamala can be found on the cover and in case it’s lost to you, the new era of comic collectors sure do love them some Kamala (I didn’t when I was little, cause Kamala was an Ugandan Head Hunter back then) so it’s pretty understandable why this is the HOTTEST COMIC of the MONTH.

See, told you Captain Marvel was hot. So Captain Marvel and the Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel together has to be Super Nova hot. Girl power!

Oh and on that note, I have no idea who could play her in a movie. Do you?

So thanks again and please, comment below. Laterz!








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