5 Comics to Keep an Eye on, Vol. 1 (06/15)

Hey there, Comic Geeks. It’s me Johnny Spruce and yes… it’s not your psychedelic meds kicking in, but your prayers being answered! Yes! Johnny Spruce is back! And believe it or not, I am back to stay! There’s no bad taste in my mouth (Except for the taste of left over Chinese) and my love of all things comic related has returned with a vengeance!!! So in the immortal words of the great Jack Nicholson, “Here’sssssssssss Johnnyyyyyyyyy!”


Now, the reason why were all here is to find out what my FIVE choices are going to be when it comes to the comic books I feel will one day be amongst the hottest COMICS in the near future. That’s why you’re here, right? Or… are you guys here cause you missed me? (He said with Puppy Dog eyes.) Awe, so cute. My three fans really did miss me. Any how, my tears are wiped, my ego’s stroked, and My Dr. Pepper is nice and cold. So that means, it’s time for some good old fashion, Comic Book information! Yay, Comic Book Information!

Now in at NUMBER 5 is a book from way back in the 80’s when Madonna wasn’t an old creep and I still ate my boogers. That’s right! I ate my boogers and they were delicious! Not really, but I did eat my mom’s cooking and that was pretty close. Any how, in at Number 5 is the New Teen Titans number 26 which features the very first appearance of… TERRA!!!

New Teen Titans 26

Now why is this book worth the few pennies to buy it? Well there’s several reasons. The most important being, DC has a live action Teen Titans TV Series on the way (I think on TNT) and Terra WILL BE part of the show. My bet… a show about teens with super powers during an era where Comic Book related stuff rules everything is a slam dunk to be a hit! Plus in my opinion, Terra’s first appearance WILL BE a MUST HAVE ISSUE, especially if the TV storyline follows the source material from the COMIC and WE ALL KNOW what happened in the comic. Hint, it’s not Terra in the nude, so calm down FANBOYS. Or is it..? Hmmm…. So let me see… character on a TV show, plus first appearance in a comic, usually equals —- MONEY!!!! That’s right! This book will rise. Guaranteed.

And now if that doesn’t convince you, how about this awesome COSPLAY photo of Terra courtesy of the beautiful, Ellei Marie. (And if you like that, like her Facebook page as well.)


Enough with the sexy women and let’s get back to the comic books! (Said NO MAN who’s ever had sex, ever.) Any how, we now find ourselves at the number FOUR comic on my list and that honor goes to… Uncanny X-Men #169!


Now why does yet another book from way back in the 80’s, when lucky children like me were Kardashian free, make its way onto my sacred list? Maybe it’s, because the next X-Men movie is going to have Morlocks… Morlocks… and yes, Morlocks! And this book right here is where them bootleg Garbage Pail Kids first pop up in Marvel land. That’s right! These sewer muties are going to make their “true” cinematic debut in X-Men: Age of Apocalypse and fans of everything “X-related” can’t wait. And most already got a hint of Morlock fever. Yuck. I bet they got that from not washing their hands after a trip to the porcelain dumpster.


So here’s our third entry onto the list and what the….? Hold the mustard and pickles, people, cause I think this has to be a mistake. A typo. A misprint. Am I really recommending this book? Oh hells yeah, I am!!!!!! In at NUMBER THREE is the one and only, Doctor Strange #31!!!!


Now I know what you guys are thinking. “Johnny Spruce must be off his meds again.” Wrong!!!! I’m just a little strange. And there’s nothing wrong with a little Strange, like Dr. Strange #31. Now why is this book worthy of my list? Easy, baby! Take one part HOT Infinity Gauntlet/Avengers movie hype and one part upcoming Dr. Strange movie hype and add that in with the fact that back in the 90’s, books like these were used as toilet paper or rolling paper by stoners and you get a “HARD TO FIND IN MINT CONDITION” book full of ultra HOT comic characters and you get… Doctor Strange #31. Oh and did I mention Thanos and the Silver Surfer too?

So what’s our number TWO book? Well, I was thinking. Since there’s so much anticipation for the upcoming X-Men: Age of Apocalypse film then you guys are going to want to gobble up everything related to this movie that can be considered, highly movie related. And Ladies and Gents, Uncanny X-Men #148 fits that description perfectly!


So is this our number TWO pick, because of all the HOT ladies on the cover? That would get my vote. How about cause this is the Uncanny X-Men during the prime of their glorious heyday? That’s a good thought too, but no. That’s not the reason. You see folks, the reason why this book is my pick is because the book is also the very first appearance of that weird, yet cuddly Morlock, Caliban! Who? I said Caliban, man. Yes, Caliban is set to play a huge part during the upcoming X-Men: AOA movie and once everyone realizes that, this book will be dusted off by dealers everywhere, marked to sell at the same price as an I-Phone, and cost someone a marriage somewhere. Ah, comic collecting. Responsible for one out of every five divorces everywhere.


Okay, now everyone be quiet, because I have a big announcement to make. The number ONE book I have to recommend is…


No. No, no, no! Sorry, Mean Girls, but the NUMBER ONE book has nothing to do with Morlocks. In fact, it has nothing to do with mutants at all. So with that said, the NUMBER ONE book to Keep an Eye on is…

Hulk Vol. 2, Number 2!!!


Wait! Hulk #2? Why number 2? Well it goes like this. (And remember, this is just my opinion.) Everyone on this planet says that Hulk #1 is the very first appearance of the Red Hulk, but besides an Image on the cover, the Red Hulk is nowhere to be found in that issue. So where does he pop up? Well in this issue, Hulk #2. Yup, technically, the Red Hulk makes his very first appearance in Hulk #2. Crazy, right?

Now the BIG RUMOR is that the Red Hulk will appear in Captain America: Civil War and if that’s true, then comic book geeks everywhere are going to be hunting down his first appearance. Is that the first issue or second issue of the title. Who knows, but for now, I’ll leave that up for YOU to decide.

So that does it, kiddies. My first article back. Do you like it? If so, do not hesitate to let me know. Oh, and leave comments.My friend the HULK gets all sad when he sees no comments. LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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