The Top 10 Hottest Comics of September, 2014


10 – Legends # 3

Entering my Top 10 for the very first time is a Comic Book that wasn’t even as hot when it first came out (Way back in the Mid-80’s) as it is now. So why is this dollar bin DC Comics Book in a Top 10 hottest Comic Book list some 25 years later? Well maybe it has to do with the Legends Mini Series being the start of the Modern DC Comics era? Or maybe it has to do with the awesome artwork of legendary artist John Byrne? Maybe, but I think guesses one and two were a swing and a miss. My guess? Well maybe this book is as hot as a Summer Day here in California for the simple fact that this book boasts the very first MODERN appearance of the Suicide Squad? And with the rumors that DC is planning a film based on this group of rag tag no names and the fact that Fan Boys these days scoop up all first appearances of Comic Book Movie Characters then it’s no brainer why most Comic Geeks are shelling out up to 32 Dollars for this former dollar bin find. Strike three? Nope. I just hit it out of the ballpark with Guess Number Three. Move over Yasiel Puig, cause here comes Johnny Spruce!


9 – House of Mystery: Halloween Annual #1

What is this? House of Mystery: Halloween Annual #1? Oh you don’t know? Well your ass better ask somebody!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you’re choosing to ask me then here’s the skinny, Bub. This book is the very first story of I,Zombie. you know… I,Zombie like the TV Show that’s coming to the CW Network this fall. Yeah. That I,Zombie. And now that you know, good luck fighting those who knew already over a copy of this bad boy cause trust me, it’s hard to find on the cheap. 30 Bucks seems like the magic number if you’re lucky. AND since Halloween is just around the corner, this seems like the perfect gift to stuff in your loved ones stocking come Halloween Night and… oh. Got my holiday traditions mixed up again. My bad. Too much eggnog, probably. Anyhow, just buy it for them… for you… doesn’t matter. JUST BUY IT!!!


8 – Edge of Spider-Verse #2 (Greg Land Variant)

I know, I know! This is not a book from the actual Marvel Universe (Earth-616) and it is probably just a character that doesn’t have staying power like Spider-Man 2099 or Miles Morales, both non Main Marvel-verse characters, but truth be told… WE DON’T CARE! We’re paying over 40 bucks for this book for two BIG reasons! One… Gwen Stacy as Spider-Man is an instant win on our AWESOME LIST and two, this Greg Land variant cover kicks some major booty!!!!!!!!!! So hate all you want. We don’t care. This issue of Spider-Verse not only deserves it’s spot in my Top 10 list, but also deserves it’s place amongst Non-Main Marvel Universe “Must Haves”. Oh and Gwen Stacy as Spider-Man is certainly going to inspire many sexy Cosplay Costumes and THAT IS NOT a bad thing.


7 – Alpha Flight #17

Alpha Flight? In a Top 10 list? Maybe a Top 10 Canadian list, but a Top 10 Hottest Comic Book list? Blasphemy! Well to that response I say, “SHUT UP!!!!!!!!” Canadians are people too so let’s give Alpha Flight another chance!. Ahem. Okay. With that said, maybe you all would like to know the reason why this book is as hot as it is, with prices reaching as high as a 126 dollars! Yes, you heard that right. One hundred and twenty six dollars! Wow. Anyhow, this book here is the very first appearance of Big Hero 6 (like it says on the cover, folks!) and as you may or may not know, Big Hero 6 is a movie coming out very soon by Disney. Yes! Another Disney movie! Seriously though, this book is HOT, HOT, HOT and if you don’t act now, you may end up alone… just like me after I arrive to the club late… and with no money. trust me, folks. It is not a fun thing to go home alone. Innocent bottles of hand lotion suffer, because of that. BIG HERO 6! Can you dig it1?


6 – X-Force #2

Hey! Wasn’t this just in my September 13th TOP COMICS TO WATCH list? Why yes, Junior. yes it was. And if you remember correctly, I did say that this ISSUE did boast the 2nd appearance of Deadpool and since Deadpool is super, super hot right now right off the news that the DEADPOOL MOVIE is a go and the fact that his first appearance has now gone up to a price worthy of a small loan, this book is a very satisfying consolation prize. Throw in the fact that Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld hinted that Kane will be in the movie and the fact that this issue also boasts Kane’s 1st appearance then well… we now know the reason why a former quarter bin book is now selling at 20 bucks on EBay! Put the 90’s comic hate away and grab your copy people!!!!


5 – Shazam #28

Holy Shazam! Another OLD book in a modern list of Top 10 Hottest Comics? Has the world gone mad? Has Dr. Doom done something to twist and abominate our “Real World” timeline? Is our world really a dream reality where time and logic mean nothing? Or am I on shrooms again? Maybe to all three, but that’s not the reason why this book is so hot. You see, Black Adam, while a super villain, is a super hot super villain at the moment and this issue of SHAZAM is the very first modern (if you consider 1977 modern) appearance of that black costumed little rascal. Add to the fact that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is going to play Black Adam in the upcoming release of Captain Marvel movie and well, you got the makings of another super hot comic book debut. Side Note: Dwayne Johnson was only 5 years old when this book came out and yours truly was only 1 years old. Wow.


4 – Marvel Premiere #47

Dropping down a spot from last month’s list is the issue that features the first time that Scott Lang donned the Ant-Man costume and called himself ANT-MAN! You know the story about this book already. The movie is set to come out soon starring Paul Rudd and Martin Sheen and like many of you know, fans these days love to grab up any debut movie related so you put two and two together and well… you have four… as in the number 4 hottest book in the country, Marvel Premiere #47. Oh and here’s some Paul Rudd trivia for you. Though the guy looks barely 30, he is actually 213 years old. Yup. That’s right. Don’t believe me? Asks the executives over at ABC and they may admit that their new fall TV Show FOREVER starring the former Mr. Fantastic himself Ioan Gruffudd is loosely based of Paul Rudd’s secret life. Don’t believe me? Well it’s on the internet and everyone knows hat whatever you read on the internet must be true. Trust me.


3 – Superman Adventures #5

Now jumping up a whopping 5 spots to reach number 3 slot is the book that almost no one saw coming. That’s right! Superman Adventures #5 caught us all off guard with the introduction of the lovable little psycho, Livewire! We love her, we love her, WE LOVE HER! Not since the debut of Harley Quinn have fan boys been drooling over a crazy cartoon female like Livewire. In fact, my cousin Danny loves her so much that his girlfriend Andrea got a bit jealous. So much in fact that she stuck a fork in a toaster in hopes of gaining powers JUST LIKE LIVEWIRE! One trip to the hospital, two wigs, and three therapy sessions later, Andrea oddly isn’t as jealous of Livewire as she used to be. Bottomline ladies, don’t try that at home.


2 – Marvel Preview #4

Now here we have last month’s KING OF THE HILL COMIC Marvel Premiere #4. Here’s the skinny on this book right here — it’s the very first appearance of Star-Lord aka Peter Quill who is played by Chris Pratt in the super blockbuster than no one saw coming, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and it’s a long forgotten book left in the back room of comic shops everywhere until the movie exploded, hence… an under the radar find. So if you have around 250 bucks to spare then forgo your rent, go and find this baby and own it like your comic obsession OWNS YOU! Oh and before I leave you, here’s a little GOTG trivia that everyone needs to know —- ready? Well… none of the Guardians of Galaxy from them movie were in the original comic book. None. Not Groot or Star-Lord or Rocket. None. Bet you didn’t know that. just like you didn’t know that… TONY STARK AND GAMORA HAD SEX BEFORE!!!! yeah… they totally did.

 And now, the honorable mentions:

#15 Incredible Hulk #271                             #14 Marvel Preview # 7


#13 I,Zombie #1                                                   #12 DC Comics Presents #26 


And just missing the Top 10, at number #11 is Superman/Batman #8, 1st Super Girl!









1 – New Mutants #98!


Why is this book the number one comic in the nation? Seriously? You really have to ask? Well since I’m here, I may as well answer you with a Top 10 Reasons WHY NEW MUTANTS #98 is NUMBER ONE. One, this is Deadpool’s very first appearance. Two, Fan Boys are buying up every copy no matter how high the price and skyrocketing the value. And like i said, “this book has gone up to a price worthy of a small loan.” Three, the Deadpool movie is coming out! Four, the Deadpool test footage teased Fan Boys worse than a Scarlett Jo nip slip and now fans want more! Five, Nostalgia. Six, cause Rob Liefeld wasn’t always hated. In fact, his New Mutants run is cherished by many fans like myself and Issue 87, the first Cable and this issue are two of the main reasons. Seven, Gideon fans are going crazy and bidding up the cost of this book. Ahem. Eight, cause honestly, this book has never lost it’s traction. It’s been a runaway hot book since day one. Nine, of all modern books, this may go down as the greatest of them all. Sorry Walking Dead fans and fans of Venom. And finally, number ten… CAUSE IT’S MY DAMN TOP 10 LIST FOO! Okay, seriously though, cause Deadpool has earned his way as a top character in the Marvel world and fans have long taken notice and still hunt down this issue. In a nut shell, with all due respect to Bret Hart, it’s cause DEADPOOL is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be and folks, it all started right here. New Mutants #98. The hottest book in the country.

And don’t forget, is the place to get all your comic prices! Tell them johnny Spruce sent you!











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