Top 5 Comics to Keep An Eye On (Sept. 17th)

5 – Uncanny X-men #295


Why do you need to keep an eye out for this issue of Uncanny X-Men? Well besides being Part 5 of the Executioner’s Song event, this issue marks the first time that Apocalypse has appeared anywhere outside of the X-Factor books. Yup. That’s right. The Uncanny X-Men’s greatest Villain makes his X-Men debut in this issue. So grab this book up before other Geeks and Freaks realize this and clog up EBay’s servers in attempt to nab a Near mint copy of this book. (And yes, there’s plenty of copies of this 90’s gem out there, but because some dealers disregard for everything 90’s as being collectable, 90’s stuff is stored as great as others and thus, a true NM book is a rare find.)

 4 – Iron Man #131-133


I know, I know! Technically this is not one, but THREE Iron Man issues I’m trying to sneak into a Top % Issue list, but trust me, these three books go together. Why? Well if you’ve been paying attention to Avengers: Age of Ultron updates then you’re aware that old Shell-head and the Green Goliath are going to go toe to toe in the movie and thus, fans of the Avengers are going to go searching for any and all Iron Man/Hulk battles and this my friends is the greatest. But Wait! There’s more! This three issue set also features the Scott Lang Ant-Man and as many of you know, fans are buying up everything Scott Lang so there it is! Scoop this three issue set up before prices go sky high!

3 – New Teen Titans #26


What do you mean your local comic dealer has tons of this book in his dollar bins? Ten bucks says they’re not anywhere next to being Near Mint. So if you’re like me, track a Near mint copy of this book down! Why? Well maybe it has something to do with this book being the very first appearance of the popular Terra and also, it might have to do with the fact that the New Teen Titans are soon going to have a live action series of their own and guess what!? Terra will be in it! Yay! So looking forward to the Terra Cosplay girls now. Anyhow, we all strive for the best so forget them beat up dollar bin copies and hunt down a Near mint copy of your own! Yeah Baby!

 2 – X-Factor #15


Last issue I claimed that X-Factor issue #19 was the first appearance of Apocalypse’s Four Horsemen, but thanks to the guys from’s Forums (Thank you Dammagededdie), we all now know that the first appearance of the Horsemen is indeed, issue #15. So again, go and try and find this book. Myself, i had to pay 15 bucks to nab a NM book (I only collect NM). Also, this issue has the “apparent death” of Angel and the first appearance of the Celestial Ship. Ooh. So hurry up Fan Boys! this book isn’t going to buy itself!

1 – New Titans #99


If you’re like me then you’re super excited about having a TV season with the Flash, Arrow, AND Gotham (As Well as Agents of Shield) on it’s schedule. So if you’re also like me, you love collecting first appearances. Add those two traits in the mix and you’ll understand why many fans are going to go crazy over this New Titans book. After all, it is the first appearance of Arsenal, formerly known as Speedy. But why does that deserve the number one spot? Well maybe it’s because the Arrow show is the hottest comic book show on the planet right now and Arsenal is a huge reason why. Plus, his role has just gotten bigger and with that mujch exposure, fans are soon going to realize, this issue right here is a MUST HAVE!

So there you have it. Another Top 5 list with no Incredible Hulk issues… though the Hulk was featured in Iron Man. DOES THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY HULK!?!!?










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