The Uncanny X-Men (All Cosplay Girl Edition!)

Well people seemed to like my Cosplay Girl edition of the Avengers so I thought I’d follow that up with a Cosplay Girl version of the Uncanny X-Men. I even put together a little design in honor of this idea. So check out the pictures, check out my design, and let me know if you like what you see. Enjoy.

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And let’s take a look into the Uncanny X-Men Universe, Cosplay Girl style!

The Many faces of Mystique!

The Sexy Leader of the group, Cyclops!

The Bad Ass with a Nice Ass, Wolverine!

The Beautiful, but deadly White Queen!

No Man can handle, the Colossus!

Psylock will break your heart and mind!

Marvel at the Beauty of Jean Grey!

Get hypnotized by the sexiness of the Scarlet Witch!

With Rogue, you can look, but don’t touch!

Jubilee, the Yummy Girl Next Door

Polaris, Cable, and Magneto. A TRUE Devil’s Three-way.

Gamble your heart away to Gambit!

Beware of Sabretooth! This BITCH will rip your heart out!

Storm is the most beautiful of All Ebony Beauties!

Lady Gaga has nothing on Dazzler!

Oh Kitty Pryde! Every young man’s dream!










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