The All Female, All Mighty Avengers! (Cosplay Edition)

The Avengers as females? Yes, please! And thanks to this little January, 2013 article I found over at Screencrush by Mike Sampson, I’ve been inspired to create an all female Cosplay edition of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers! You ready? Yeah? Too bad, cause first I have to post these awesome photos from the article depicting Sandra Bullock as Iron Man, Allison Brie as Captain America, and Amber Heard as Thor! Oh and it looks like Angie Harmon as Loki! Yes, please!

So now onto the DREAM! I’ve put together my Avengers team made up of Cosplay Girls. And here they are, Captain America, Iron Woman, She-Hulk, Wasp, Thora, and Ms. Marvel! Enjoy.

Now we start off with some serious God-like muscle and looks with Thora (Thor):

Then joining that muscle is an equally strong and equally beautiful (But green) She-Hulk:

And supplying the brains and attitude is none other than the Iron Maiden (Iron-Man):

And she may be tiny, but she’s a big, beautiful Diva… the Wasp!

And she’s a woman that can go toe to toe with any man! She’s Ms. Marvel!

And last, but not least, the Sex Symbol of America, Captain America!

So there’s you have them folks! The All Female Avengers!

And if you didn’t make the team, don’t worry. i have some honorable mentions here.

Tigra (Could’ve made it, but she brought Cat-Woman with her and well, one cat is from Marvel and the other from DC so…)

Winter Soldier


The Scarlet Witch


and of course, a personal favorite… Gamora!

And cause I’ve been picking on my buddy Hulk so much, here’s one for ya, Bro.




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