Top 10 Characters Cosplay Girls Love to be!

No. This is no joke. The following post will contain the sexiest Cosplay photos you all will ever see. Trust me. So be grateful, thank the photographers and models, and remember… these photos are of women so if you’re here expecting a photo of a shirtless Super-man (And yes I’m talking to you, Bianca Reyes) then look elsewhere, cause this is a post for horny little Fanboys who haven’t had any since the first Spider-Man movie came out… and I’m talking about the Tobey MaGuire one, not the badly cast, horribly written thing that had the nerve to call itself “Amazing.”

Anyhow, here comes the Cosplay Girls!

(10) – Wonder Woman! And right off the bat, we throw you a controversy pick for the tenth spot with Wonder Woman. Why number 10? Well Wonder Woman is hot, but let’s face it. To truly pull off a perfect Princess Diana cosplay, you’d have to be one hot Amazonian Woman and as much as I searched on Craigslist, hot Amazonian Women are nowhere to be found. Trust me. But fear not, these lovely ladies have done their best to pull off their version of Wonder Woman and I’m happy to say, I’m not disappointed. Not at all.

(9) – the Black Cat! Yum, yum, yum, yum! Felicia Hardy! The Black Cat! It has to be said, but how in the hell does a geek like Peter Parker get hot chicks like Felicia Hardy, Gwen Stacy, and Mary Jane Watson!? Man! I need to get me some Super Powers! Like the power of invisibility so I can sneak into the Girl’s Locker Room at the local Gym and um… never mind. But then again… anyone see this X-Files episode? Anyhow, Cosplay fan girls love them some Black Cat and us Fan boys sure are grateful. Whether it’s at a Comic Con, a Halloween Party, or in private for our Birthday (Hint, hint), a hot geek girl in a Black Cat costume is a beautiful thing.

(8) – Mary Jane Watson! Yes, another one of Peter Parker’s ladies makes the list. Man, I hate that geek! Anyhow, Mary Jane Watson is a super-hot, crimson hair fashion model in the comics so every red haired girl with a rocking body wants to give old Mary Jane a try. And man, are us Fan Boys enjoying the effort. So for you fellas with the Red Headed Girl fantasy, don’t you worry, cause the Cosplay Girls with Red Hair are rocking the Mary Jane look at Comic Cons from Los Angeles to Japan and back. Now it’s up to you to go out there and meet them. Go!

(7) – Emma Frost, the Ice Queen! Now this takes a real woman to pull this one off. No pretenders here. If Emma Frost existed, she’d be the type of woman who’d date guys like Brad Pitt or George Clooney and make them her bitch. Seriously. So to even pretend to be the Ice Queen, you need to already be rocking a serious body carved by the Gods to go with a face that even the Angels are jealous of. Yeah. Emma Frost. She’s that perfect.

(6) – Velma from Scooby Doo! Every girl thinks there’s a Velma in them. You know, that nerdy girl with glasses and a short skirt with nice legs who doesn’t realize how hot they truly are. But honestly, just like every girl can’t be a Wonder Woman, every girl can’t be a Velma. It takes a very special geek girl to pull that off. Actually, to paraphrase the words of Jason Segal and his stoner friend from the classic High School movie Can’t Hardly Wait, “Velma was a hip, hip lady.”

 (5) – Cat-Woman! This feline femme fatale is not only one of Batman’s most dangerous foes, but she’s also one of his intense and hottest love interests. Maybe that’s why Fangirls love to dress up as her? Maybe they love to fantasize about them being a bad, bad girl for the Caped Crusader? And maybe laying their tummies over Batman’s lap and… yummy, yum. Okay, calm down now, John. I don’t like where this is going so let’s just stick to the subject and say that the Cat-Woman is a desirable character for Cosplay Fangirls all across this country. Yeah. That’s it. It has nothing to do with their Daytime Soap Opera fantasies about the Batman and everything to do with the character. Yeah… right.

(4) – Vampirella! Here’s a very Dark Horse pick on my part for such a high spot, but if you know comics like I do then you know why Fanboys and myself love a Cosplay Girl dressed as Vampirella. She’s hot, busty, and immortal. That’s the three things every man is looking for these days, right? And before you ladies go all feminist on me, ladies, you guys got sparkly Vampires and we got hot female Vamps with huge Juggernauts. That’s an even trade, no? I thought you’d see it my way. Anyhow, I once had a dream that Vampirella came into my room and started licking my neck, getting it all nice and wet so she can bite me, but then just as she was about to bite down, I woke up and to my dismay, it was just my grandmother’s dumb shaggy dog. Ugh! Horrible. But anyway, Vampirella may not be real, but the Fangirls that dress like her are, so hurry on down to your local comic con and nab you a Vampirella Cosplay Girl. Hopefully, you can stick your stake in her. (Badda bing!)

(3) – Slave Leia! Okay. Fellas, do not lie. We’re all grown men here, so admit it. We have all had that fantasy where our girl dresses up as Slave Leia for us and does what ever the hell we want her to. Am i right? Come on! I can’t be the only one! I remember back as a kid, seeing Carrie Fisher dressed up as Slave Leia on Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and I kept thinking to myself, is my thing supposed to turn to stone when you think about a girl’s boobies? Seriously. True story. Anyway, back to the girlfriend as Slave Leia fantasy. Any fans of FRIENDS here? Seriously? Don’t you dare lie, Danny! You know you love Friends and you know you love that Episode where Rachel dresses up as Slave Leia for Ross! Oh, now you remember? I thought so. Best. Episode. Ever.

And while we’re on Slave Leia (No not like that, you Perv! Take your mind out the gutter). Might as well present the Celebs who love to dress up as Slave Leia. Yvonne Strahovski, Jennifer Aniston, Adrianne Curry, Melissa Joan Hart, and Kristen Bell, take a bow. You have made Fanboys everywhere very, very happy.

(2) – Power Girl! Oh! My! God! I swear, I wanna fall off a bridge on purpose just for the chance to be rescued by Power Girl and her Wonder Twins. Oh! My! God! Power Girl. Just the name alone gives Fanboys orgasms. Okay, take a breath, Fan boys, cause I have some bad news. Power Girl DOES NOT EXIST. That’s right! She of super mammary glands does not exist. What??!? Now take another breath, my fellow geeks, cause now I have some good news. That’s right! The good news is that even though our dream girl does not exist, there are many, and I mean many women who look like her and fill her uniform to the fullest. Yes! Completely to the fullest! Don’t believe me? Well take a look at some of these girls who so happily took the mantle of Power Girl and made it their own.


Just missing the list were the Zatanna girls:

Followed by Storm, the Scarlet Witch, and Poison Ivy…

And last but not least, Nathan Fillion as Captain Canada!!!!!!!!


(1) – Harley Quinn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! If you know me then you know I have two dreams. One, to marry a girl who has no problem dressing up as Harley Quinn for me and two, to fall in radioactive waste and become a super hero. Hopefully, at least one of those two comes true. For now, I’m searching for my Harley Quinn, cause as you all know, I LOVE ME SOME HARLEY QUINN! (FYI, I have an awesome Harley Quinn tattoo on my forearm.) I wonder if a girl has a choice between dressing up as Harley Quinn or dressing up as a princess, does the Harley Quinn costume win out? Seems like it — or at least as far as Comic Cons go. So there you have it folks, Harley Quinn is the female character that all Cosplay Girls wanna dress up as. So here, enjoy these Harley Quinn Cosplay photos:





Thank you everyone for reading. Hope to see you back soon!

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