Comic Spotlight: Incredible Hulk #222

Hey everyone! It’s June 3rd and today I wanna throw out my pick for the Comic Book of the Day! So get ready and let’s have that drum roll please!


The Incredible Hulk #222

And why is this book our book of the day? Well first of all, this book is one of the best ever, stand alone issues in the Hulk’s history and second of all, this is classic Hulk at his finest.

Now the story goes that the Hulk had just been attacked by soldiers and dosed with sleeping gas. The Hulk gets away, but soon falls asleep. Almost immediately, something big drags the Hulk away. Bruce banner, the Hulk’s alter ego, awakes in a cave and to his surprise, he’s greeted by two little kids named Donnie and Marie (Yes, I know exactly who the creators were trying to spoof here). Anyhow, Bruce wonders how the kids were able to drag the two ton Hulk home and they explain that their brother “Billy” did it. Soon the kids tell Bruce a story about their brother “Billy”, who as a baby, was exposed to radioactive waste and was told by doctors that “Billy” would never be normal again. Through flashbacks, we then see how “Billy” changes for the worst. “Billy” grew up quick and became smart and cunning. His skin became dark and blue and even his parents started to fear him. Soon, “Billy” started to kill and eat cows, and bulls, and other animals around until finally, he killed and devoured a homeless guy.


The next night, “Billy” had an “Argument” with their parents and ate them. Soon after, he took the siblings away to the cave. The children then tell Bruce that they always bring friends back to the cave for “Billy” to play with, but they never stay. And that’s when Bruce realizes that in the corner of the cave, “Billy” has left some discarded human bones behind. Scared, Bruce tries to escape with Donnie and Marie through a small little opening, but as they do, “Billy” finds them and and attacks Bruce. At first, it looks like “Billy” is going to make Bruce his next meal, but then Bruce goes all green and beats “Billy’s” ass; and as a result, causes the cave to come crashing down on them. The Hulk then leaves Donnie and Marie on their own, but not before the siblings swear to form a singing duo and bring nausea to the entire world.


And that Ladies and Gents is the story of Billy, the Bad Monster Kid! Now if you wanna read it for yourself, go and buy the Incredible Hulk #222. Trust me. It’s one of the best Hulk stories out there. Go here if you want it:


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